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  • Anthony J. Cavaliere "agabus" - Best omelet pan.I bought this a year ago. I was looking for a safe nonstick pan that was cheap so if it wore out after a few years it would not be such a big loss. I was leery of all things advertised on TV but it was cheap,enough, so I bought it. I had bought the All Clad nonstick fry pan as part of a set a few years ago but it wore out after 4 years. Lost its coating and everything stuck to it. That was a big waste. So far the Orgreenic works as advertised though it must be seasoned Omelets can be put in the oven and always slide out easily. You can use a little oil and that is perhaps best though there is some sticking with sweet ingredients but the pan is easy to clean. I have never had to throw out anything I made in it because it got stuck. I love it and am looking to purchase other orgreenic products.
  • Amy Elizabeth Landers - A must for everyone in health careA must for any internal medicine provider, ambulatory care and certainly infectious diseases - pharmacists, physicians, nurses and all students.
  • Scott M Evans - The Difference is IncredibleThe difference between the black that the vehicle came with and the chrome is incredible. After installing these I was almost mad at Jeep for not automatically putting these on to begin with, I know they have to have some differences in the trim packages but these make the car pop out.
    The installation could not be any easier I am a pretty hands on person but I think a child could put these on.

    If you have the limited with the chrome mirrors you need to have these, my only complaint would be that the are rather expensive for something that is really a plastic with a chrome covering, but I would buy them over and over simply for how beautiful they make the vehicle
  • Steven H - Great new featuresAs the owner of a small gift store who travels extensively, I always felt disconnected from my business when on the road. Apart from all the new upgrades other reviewers have praised, the one feature that stands out for me in this upgrade is the ability to access my data remotely. The QBConnect and I-phone functionality allow me to look and interact with my financial data without having to be in front of the machine. I have Beta tested Intuit products for many years and have worked closely with the teams behind these new ideas, they have listened to my needs, and come up with innovative ways to overcome my particular obstacles. With internet access while away, I can keep up with my financial data, look at balances and make clear and concise business decisions in no time at all! A great product, with improved features for all.