Welcome to the Pinn Medical Centre - At the Pinn Medical centre we aim to offer the residents of Pinner the highest possible standards of healthcare . The surgery has a large team of doctors and nurses who are all here to look after you and your family.

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  • Nicolle - No problems here...I know a lot of people have had problems with this game. I haven't experienced any of the headache that they have about it yet. I played for 8 hours straight yesterday and only had one time that the server was unavailable and it reconnected before the game was kicked off. I haven't run into any of the bugs in the game either. Maybe I waited long enough for them to patch most of them. I don't doubt that I'll run into issues is an EA game after all. The unfortunate thing with a never ending, always evolving game is that with every evolution comes new bugs to patch. I think as long as you are patent with the game and updates you should be fine. I really enjoy playing the game....I do tend to hog all the cities in the region though :)
  • Sherri - Perfect for my IBSI take one every morning and it keeps my IBS-C in check! The gas pains have lessened and my BMs are more regular. Of course this isn't a miracle pill, you still have to maintain a healthy diet, eat a lot of fiber and drink plenty of water for optimal results. I also take peppermint pills and drink aloe juice which all works very good. I no longer have to take Amitiza which made me feel dizzy & high (in a bad way). Thank you align!
  • Elizabeth L. - Great Read!This was a wonderful read. His book took me right back to the New York art world in the eighties. Any young person entertaining the thought of becoming an artist should read this. I enjoyed his honest thoughts about his work contrary to the nonsense and "rap" that was so popular for artists during that time.