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  • Bobio - Norton has always kept my pc safeI'm not a techie, I just know what works for me, and Norton has always delivered. I've been using one form or another of Norton for over 10 years and a virus has never gotten through to it. In the past, I've had problems loading the new version and have learned to uninstall the old version before loading the new one. Norton may have fixed this; I don't know because I never try to load the new version over the old anymore. Once I tried using McAfee because it was free through my service provider. I guess Norton didn't like that because that was the only time I've ever had to wipe everything off of my pc and start all over again. I was told that even if you uninstall Norton, there are still bits and pieces of it that don't go away. So, sort of like my marriage, I'm monogamous with Norton because if I ever cheat on it, I'll lose too much stuff. Do you know what I mean?
  • Tina - Completely satisfiedAfter trying many other products, Exposed Acne System has worked best! The system is easy to use and very effective. For any of you that have seen a dermotoglist, you will notice the same products recommended by your doctor are in Exposed products. I am so thankful I found this company and their products. You will be too.
  • J. Robson "Reflective Artist & Product Designer" - This sucker packs a Loud, Crisp & Clear sound in a small weatherproof package!I love this speaker!
    This tough guy is one loud speaker. There are plenty of "loud" speakers but what separates this from others is that it gives you a very good BALANCED sound the perfect amount of CRISP bass/treble/mid-tones no matter how much you crank it up- in a wonderful small package.

    When you get it, you need to charge it up fully, so far I have been getting a very good battery life out of it.
    The instructions are easy and to the point (...and are in just about every language that I have ever seen)!

    It is weatherproof, and so far I have had it outside in 30F weather and also inside a steamy bathroom, no problems whatsoever.
    I leave this outside on our back patio, and it HAS gotten wet - actually very wet - from rain that got blown under the overhang with no worries. (it cautions against submerging it IN water, so basically it is weatherproof.. but don't get crazy with it!)

    The range of the wireless is about 50 or so feet (the phone was inside the house and the speaker was outside) I haven't tried a distance test without obstructions, figuring a "real life test" is what is better determination. There is also a speakerphone function like other external Bluetooth speakers; I haven't tried it yet though for that.

    This speaker is a winner, I would not hesitate to recommend this speaker, from the pure quality of sound alone, yes it can really pump out LOUD music WITHOUT distortion - then throw in the fact that it can handle weather conditions and you have a winner here!

  • Kathryn A. Lucas - Valuable, Evidence-Based InformationI'm now on my second reading of this book. It's so jam-packed with enlightening facts and information that every expecting couple should know, that I felt I should read it again, just so I can retain it all a bit better.

    First, let me address the alcohol issue, since that seems to be where all the negative reviews are coming from. It is my opinion that these anti-FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) crusaders have not read the book, nor have they read the studies Oster cites in her discussion of the topic. Oster does NOT say that heavy or binge drinking during pregnancy is okay. The studies she cites clearly show that heavy/binge drinking is detrimental to fetal health. Those same studies, however, demonstrate pretty clearly that light drinking (up to 2 drinks PER WEEK -- not in the same day -- in the first trimester; up to 4 drinks PER WEEK -- again, not in the same day --in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters) has no effect on either fetal development or on intelligence of the child, even up to age 14. There's a world of difference between light drinking as defined here and heavy or binge drinking, and the most strident of the anti-FASD advocates seem not to grasp that difference. Oster presents the studies, the hard, scientific data, that backs up what she is saying. This is not her opinion; it's scientific evidence. Intelligent pregnant women can take that information and process it themselves; some women may decide that they'd rather not drink any alcohol during their pregnancy, while others may decide that an occasional drink with dinner is fine. The point is that women who choose the second option should feel vindicated by the fact that all medical evidence points to their choice being safe for their babies.

    The alcohol discussion, however, is just one part of one chapter of the book. The rest of the book looks at everything you could possibly be concerned about with a pregnancy. Is deli meat okay? (Possibly not.) What about sushi? (Yes.) Hot yoga? (Depends on how hot it is.) Cleaning the cat litter box? (Fine.) Gardening? (Not fine.) All of the restrictions that pregnant women are told they must adhere to, Oster evaluates by going to the original scientific studies. Some restrictions are shown to be silly when viewed in light of the actual evidence. Others are affirmed, and you are given the precise reasons why the restriction exists. But you don't have to take Oster's word for it: for all of the conclusions Oster comes to, you can reach your own conclusions by simply going to the immensely valuable endnote section of the book and looking up the same studies she used to write the book. In addition, she combines information into very helpful graphs that express in one picture a wealth of knowledge. One example is a graph of where different types of fish fall on the scale of mercury content (bad for Baby's IQ) versus Omega-3 content (good for baby's IQ). This would be great to have in your purse when you're out to dinner and thinking about a fish entrée, so that you're not trying to look up this info on your smartphone, being rude to your dining companions. Additionally, Oster covers topics such as trying to conceive, nausea (what amount is normal, what treatments there are, both prescription and non), genetic screening and amniocentesis/CVS, risk of chromosomal abnormalities and detection rates of various procedures designed to find them, miscarriage rates broken down by age of the mother, weight gain and exercise during pregnancy, induced labor, epidurals, and more.

    If you want to know the facts behind the recommendations your doctor has given you, this is the book for you. You'll have the actual data from the original studies, along with Oster's explanation of the statistics you need to know to make the best decisions for you personally. I strongly recommend this book.
  • Marco Polo "Voltohm" - Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 User / 3 PC [Old Version]Bought this 2012 Version (price was really cheap on Amazon) for my son and showed him how to update it for free to the 2013 Version and he loves it. Whats not to like, I have used Norton Internet Security for over seven years and I have never had a security issue and it really installs fast and simple. I really love it. I always buy the software from Amazon in February of each year because the price in that month is always less than half what it costs in August or September when Norton puts it on the market. Great price, packaging and delivery as usual from Amazon.