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  • boondocker254 - 100% perfect performanceI have tried the best known brand names. All failed to fully protect my computer. When getting my computer repaired Webroot was recommended so I gave it a try. That was 2 years ago and my computer hasn't been back for repairs since!
    I just signed up for 2 more years. This is excellent software!
  • TEXASSUSAN - For Every WomanRepHresh provides a balanced PH without the use of Estrogen. It feels like a woman's natural lubrication and feels and smells wonderful. It was ok'd by my doctor for use after extensive surgery. There are no con(s), only pro(s) and that is highly unusual. After 9 months usage, I will remain a Rephresh customer......
  • William C. Meenk "Shreenk" - Book of a lifetime; book for a lifetime.This book is one of the best dealing with the true Christian life. No matter what your stage of spiritual development, this book will challenge you to be more than you are, more like Christ, and live more according to His teachings. WARNING! This book is NOT for those who favor a watered down gospel (which is no gospel at all) or for those who choose to remain infant Christians. You cannot hope to rise to all of the challenges in this book any more than you can hope to fully conform to the calling that Paul refered to when he said, "Live a life worthy of the calling you have received." Being transformed in Christ is not something we ever really attain in this world. It remains always a point on the distant horizon to focus on and move toward, hopefully making improvements daily. This book, more than others, will challenge you to change your thinking, your living, and the way you impact the world for the sake of Jesus. READ IT!
  • Buttercup - Fascinating book!Mr. Pinchbeck enlightens the seeker with profound insights and his shared personal experiences while researching this book. I think this book was partly written for the author's healing too. Which only adds to the interest. My only issue is the use of the occasional bizarre word in a normal sentence. I don't have the book in front of me right now to give you an example. If you want to ask me, let me know!

    Other than that, I really loved how he tied in crop circles, the Maya, and his shamanic experiences in exotic locales (I sure hope he had his shots)! to try to reveal to us the elusive proof that indeed, there is much more to our reality than meets the eye. And that is our hope.
  • C. A. Boswell - McAfee Total Protection 2012This review is for McAfee Total Protection 2012. Not much has changed with this product since 2011, which is a good thing! Once again, I was extremely pleased with the quality of this antivirus software product. Not only was the installation a breeze, I was delighted to see that no "bloat-ware" or undesirable software was installed at the same time as the main antivirus program. McAfee has protected my computer from threats for several weeks now. Furthermore, my computer seems to run just as quickly as it did before installation, which is an important criterion in selecting a "total protection" anti-virus program.