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  • J. Marren "jtm497" - A worthy sequel"Bring up the Bodies" is of course the sequel to Man Booker prizewinner "Wolf Hall," Wolf Hall: A Novel a tough act to follow. But Mantel does not disappoint. The story is of Anne Boleyn's fall, orchestrated by the main character, Thomas Cromwell. Mantel is now engaged in the business of showing us different, less admirable sides of Cromwell's character. Cromwell is a lonely man after the death of his wife and two daughters. He is also an isolated man; he walks the halls of the Henry's palaces wielding enormous power, but the nobility will never respect him because of his common birth, which they never cease to remind him of. But Cromwell isn't a sympathetic character. What will Cromwell not do in the service of Henry VIII? Not much, is the answer. He is capable of revenge, of manipulating testimony to his own ends, of convicting a possibly innocent woman and the innocent men around her. The long scene where he questions Anne's accused "lovers" is chilling. Did Anne really commit adultery? Historians don't know; Mantel doesn't offer an answer. Cromwell's answer is simple: if Henry wants Anne gone, it will be done.

    Mantel's writing is as riveting as ever, and clearer in this book than the first. She's corrected a quirk of style where she would switch characters, but continue to refer to everyone simply as "he," much to my confusion. A welcome change. If you liked "Wolf Hall," you'll like "Bring Up the Bodies," another great read.
  • Lucy - Worked for us!After a miscarriage we tried for over a year, within one cycle of taking these pills and my husband took the male version, we are 8 weeks pregnant! i will definitely use again as I really saw a change in my ovulation cycle. I pray all goes well from here on.
  • Ignatius Malibu - Can't recommend it enough. Fantastic!Compelling doesn't do it. Its a treasure trove of little known historical facts and presents a story everyone thinks they know in a very real light. Whether for reasons of Faith or a desire to know some factual background of Judea under Roman occupation and the political climate/intrigue of the day, read this book. Better than the previous two...Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. Wonderfully written.