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  • ZachBeale "thethunder" - Great Game - Pardon all the 1-star reviews, they're protesting. Really worth buying!

    This game is incredible in its scope, a real blast, and intriguing all the way to the end. I'm still having fun with it, and the endless possibilities continue to amaze me.

    To all of you prospective buyers out there, I'm sure you have noticed the one star ranking...this is because all of those one star reviewers are protesting EA's licensing system, which I admit is a bit too much. So don't take the star rating seriously.

  • R. Evans "Ryan E" - Great Family Tablet

    This little tablet is a power house! While it may not have the functionality of a iPad, it is great for watching movies, reading, and playing games.

    When taking long road trips my kiddo has used it as a way to keep himself entertained.