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  • Joey's Girl - Most Useful Software I OwnI've had this software probably close to a year now and I LOVE it. I use it for all kinds of things, such as editing music & video, making beautiful professional quality DVD's, recording video from external sources, and much more. As an example, I had a video of Laurel & Hardy that I recorded on AMC way back in 1992. I hooked up cables from my PC to my VCR, and using Roxio's video capture, I played the video through my computer & captured it. I rendered it in a moderately good quality mp4 format, and uploaded it to my Kindle Fire. Imagine that - Laurel & Hardy, a movie that was originally made in the 1920's, and on a video tape I have from 20 years ago, and I am now able to watch it on a digital device; my Kindle Fire! Of course I can put this video on a DVD too, with beautiful animated menus, chapter selections (adding more videos as more chapters), and all kinds of other options. Roxio is incredible. Another awesome facet of it is that it allows me to capture streaming audio from the internet. Say there's a video on you tube. A performer does a live show and you LOVE the music, and that's the only place you can find it. Well, with Roxio, you can capture that, make it an mp3 in very high quality, pop it on your mp3 player, and listen to it anytime you want! I've done it!
    Those are just a few of the things I love about Roxio. I highly recommend this software, even though this 2011 edition is technically outdated. It still does everything you could possibly want in this type of product, and it's a lot of fun because it's EASY to use, very user friendly and uncomplicated on everything I have tried with it.
    And the work is always perfect. I've never had a failed experience with it yet!
  • R. Messer "LAPPYNAPPY" - Ooozing elgance...can you marry a phone?OK so I have had the phone for about a week and here are some comments on the phone. First I must say I am an engineer and I work in product development and testing (hardware). Coming off three consecutive Android phones (2 Xperias and way back a Dell Streak)

    Here are a few thoughts on the phone:


    1. The hardware is flippin amazing. I mean really really amazing. The iphone is an obvious comparison and they are on par (my wife has the 4S). The tolerances are very high and it is very well constructed. The unibody design does wonders.
    2. The screen is very good. The pixel density may not be GS4 like but it is very very good. Bright, clear etc...
    3. The camera is hands down the best camera that you can get on a cell phone. The pics are absolutely amazing. The video is even more amazing. I find myself taking pics ALL the time now which makes my wife happy cause she always says I never take any pictures of the kids...
    4. Speaker sound is really good for a cell phone but dont expect wonders. It is on par with the Iphone according to 6 people drinking beers at a BBQ.
    5. Call quality great
    6. NOKIA apps are really great. (NOKIA MUSIC, Maps etc...). This is clearly the flagship Windows phone.

    Gray Area:
    1. Windows 8 is great but not perfect. I have a windows 8 tablet and I love all the gestures and I was expecting it here. I also miss the file browser. I hear it is coming but it is silly that they don't have that. Why try to be like Apple when you have the hardware...come on MS! To be honest windows 8 on a tablet is a better experience minus the apps.
    2. Initially I was a little bored with WP8 but found that once you get used to it you will actually find you use the functionality of the phone more. I really thought that was a load of BS from MS but I think they are right. Not to bash Android as I think the openness is really great but I find the WP8 experience to be smoother and everything runs faster.
    3 Battery life is just OK.


    1. BING button stinks like three day old fish. You will hit it from time to time and curse Microsoft for forcing it upon us.
    2. I prefer hardware buttons vs touch screen buttons. They seem to stay out of the way better.
    3. WP8 has a few problems and hiccups. It is very very functional but sometimes things do not work exactly as they should (like Nokia music saying you have not network connection when you do). Also some of the system design is a little backwards like the way it organizes your contacts. I think it is a matter of getting used to it.
    4. MOST ANNOYING thing is the lack of continuity between windows 8 and Wp8. If you buy an app for your tablet you DO NOT get it free for your phone. This is utter rubbish in my opinion.

    Even with these negatives it is a 5 star product....