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  • Randall Neustaedter - Ignore all those negative reviewsWhat a fun romp through the mind of a sociopath. Celeste is such an endearing, self-absorbed, self-congratulatory sicko. The writing is engaging, the characterization is spot-on devilish, and Celeste, driven by her sexual desire and appetite for adolescent boys will keep you unbelievingly beguiled. Enjoy it. Then go get its counterpoint Daddy Love by Joyce Carol Oates for the male version of this horrific predatory species.
  • Charles L Everett - Great Productproduct is just what the doctor ordered to make completing taxes and paperwork easier! Keep up the enhancements and updates.
  • D. Hancock "Interesting" - Used this in College, GREAT tutorial book.This series of books, be they for whatever version of solidworks is just great. There are several different projects in the book and the author goes through each project step by step to teach you how to build that part. Later projects expand on earlier ones by using newer tools and incorporating new aspects of Solidworks.

    The 'final' project puts them all together in a larger assembly.

    Unfortunately I lost my copy I had in college, but was happy to see it available for the verson I have access to.

    I wouldn't say it is a as good of a REFERENCE book, but it is an excellent TUTORIAL style book.
  • Frank Ward - Very interestingI wasn't sure what was to come, or what I had signed up for when buying this book. I however have learned a ton about myself, habits, and likes/dislikes in a job and it's enviormnet. Following the chapters, and setting up your own flower, really let's you hone in on the position you are really looking for and best suited for, Then you are not wasting time, with positions you won't enjoy doing!

    I also enjoyed the toolkit pieces to help you make decisions. The tool that helps you rank processes, really helped me get things in a clearer picture!