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  • Ben S. - GREAT ALBUM & AN EXCELLENT REISSUEI've owned Pink Floyd "The Wall" on cassette, early vinyl, CD, and now this heavy vinyl reissue. It is my favorite rock album overall. I remember purchasing this record on cassette when it first came out. After listening to it all the way through for the first time in 1980, it was clear to me that it was and is an extraordinary classic, arguably PF's greatest album. This is PF's most fully realized album with so much happening both musically and lyrically that it challenges you to listen and understand the powerful concept and all of the tragedy that feeds into it. I remember being 16 years old when it was first released and digging into the lyrics to understand their message. It was then and some 30 odd years later it still is an emotionally powerful album. "The Wall" just doesn't succeed as a rock album; it succeeds as a true work of art. It is like a Shakespeare tragedy that's not designed to make us happy, but to help us learn from life's sufferings on both an historical level and on a personal level. Don't we all build walls in our lives in some way? The message of "The Wall" is to break down the walls that prevent us from being truly happy people.

    You're probably more interested in the reissue rather than my musings about the album's art. It's a very nice 180 gram pressing that was remastered by James Guthrie, who was one of the original people who worked on "The Wall". The source tapes were used. The remaster is excellent, and it sounds good right out of the jacket. I cleaned the visually perfect records with a VPI wet/vac RCM, and the sound was illuminated after the cleaning. I played the records with my classic SONY STR-V5 85 watts/channel clean power receiver with a Technics turntable equipped with a GRADO cartridge through a pair of NHT Classic Three book shelf speakers on stands. I used the flat response settings. The sound is rich and full, yet it sounds balanced. I did encounter some noise on Side 3 in some spots, but I'm thinking further RCM cleanings will reduce or eliminate the noise.

    The packaging is very nice. The jacket has much of the original artwork and some new artwork on the back. It comes with a big 32"x38" poster that has all of the album's lyrics with the white brick wall in the background. You also receive a card with a code to complete a free MP3 download of the entire album. You get pink poly inner sleeves as well as the original paper sleeves (heavier than the original sleeves) with the lyrics on them that came with the original vinyl release.

    Overall this is an excellent reissue. Some have complained about the price. Great music will command a higher price, and we're talking about one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Whether or not what's in this package is worth it to you will depend on your own personal standards. If this album means as much to you as it does to me, you will have to have it, and remember, "...the ones who really love you walk up and down outside the wall...".
  • ndurand - The facts you need to make your own decisionsI loved this book. For once I felt like someone was talking to me as an intelligent woman, instead of treating me like a child. Emily Oster doesn't suggest you should binge drink or eat sushi every day - instead, she gives you the facts, in clear and concise text, and tells you to make your own decisions according to your own values. You can also go into appointments with better information and ask your doctor the right questions. Look, if you just want a big list of "don'ts", and can't stand the gray areas that come with all medicine, don't get this book. But if you want to understand the whys behind all the advice, and take control of one of the most important experiences in life, read "Expecting Better" and use your new knowledge to inform your decisions.
  • James R Hemminger - great bookContains a lot of information about the life and times of Jesus. It's an evidence based approach to the extraordinary claims made by Christians which uses what is known about first century Palestine, Jewish and Roman history and biblical texts themselves to create a logical examination of the life and teachings of Jesus.