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City: 95655 Mather Field, California

  • Robert Merritt "Rob" - A great family gameSpore is one of the most enertaining games My family and I have played in years. My kids just love exploring the world, finding parts to evolve their creatures, and creating. They aren't just sitting back mindlessly absorbing a game, or being bored by and educational "game", they are having fun and are a part of the creation process. Even my 4 year old daughter, who normally is uninterested in games have been playing.
    I enjoy the more complex Space stage. For kids, it's better than the Sims. For adults, it probably isn't going to hold your attention for years, but its still fun.

    As for the DRM, I had no issues with it. I installed the game, and it works. I don't even need to have the disk in the drive. It doesn't effect my system or my family's enjoyment of the game in a negative way at all.
  • Amy McKenna - Feeling Great And Pregnant!A friend told me about the SCD--she had kept her Crohn's Disease in remission while on the diet--and I decided to give it a try. I'd been living with Crohn's for over 10 years, with syptoms of fistulas, bloating, cramping, nausea, and pain. The drug 6MP helped for a while, but stopped working for me at the beginning of 2007. So, the SCD was really worth trying at that point. Plus, I wanted to become pregnant and not while on 6MP. I started the SCD in February 2007, and my syptoms improved right away. I did feel a little spacey and tired during the first couple weeks on the diet--probably detox from all the foods that had been giving me trouble. I was able to ramp down on the 6MP and was off it by March 1, 2007. I felt better on the SCD without medication than I'd ever felt before. I got pregnant by the end of March, and so far everything is going well. I consulted with a prenatal nutritionust, and she agreed that the diet is very healthy. I have a few "yucky gut days" here and there, mostly if I am not getting enough rest or have a virus. The diet is hard when you start out because you have to really rethink your recipes and your lifestyle (much less eating out!). But when I think about how good I feel, it's totally worth it. I love the almond flour baked goods, and I'm eating more fruits and veggies than ever. Once you get into the swing of things, it's easy. And I find that after a few months on the diet, I don't even miss the foods I used to crave. I would highly recommend giving the SCD a try if you are having any intestinal issues. The diet has even helped my Mom, who has suffered from arthritis in her knees for years. She's having no pain whatsoever!