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  • LoveLucky - Love my new vacuum!So happy with my purchase! I can not believe how much stuff was in my carpet! And i had just vacuumed a few days before. Some people had bad reviews about how it worked on bare floors, but i have had no problem at all. The vent is in the front of the vacuum, but it will only blow on the floors if you are aiming it at the floor. when you are vacuuming, the vent blows upward. not that big of a deal. Overall, great vacuum and a great price! Oh, and the hose can reach the top of a flight of stairs, which makes for easy cleaning! Great attachments too.
  • mmfmom - Great chalkAfter reading reviews, I couldn't believe that there is that much difference in chalk. Well, while waiting for this chalk to arrive, I purchase some regular chalk from drug store and I am a firm believer now that there IS a difference. This chalks writes better, erases better and makes less dust. I'm sold! Will buy again.
  • Kristin Smith - Everyone should own this classic pieceThis is one of the best albums of all time. Pink Floyd adresses everything lyrically from childhood, war, education, love, heartbreak, nervous breakdown, etc. Some of Pink Floyd's finest songs such as "Run like Hell," Comfortably Numb," and "Young Lust" are on this album.
  • Gloria G. Montoya - Love this productI actually had purchased this original version of this software but hadn't really used it until I was tasked to do a cookbook for our small office department. I pulled out this software and decided to give it a go. Well, I immediately decided that I would upgrade it (this is a reasonably priced product)since I wanted to be sure I would have current support should the need arise. I inputted about 150 recipes with no issues. I exported to MS word and started embellishing it with photos of my office crew. AWESOME results!! I can't tell you how many loved it. Now, the real selling point for me is the forum support and the product support. I had an issue with a couple of the last recipes and the program terminated. I entered a support task, and immediately forum members had suggestions and support entered and responded online almost immediately because of my deadline. Long story short, I figured it out myself (I had captured a "weird" character that didn't translate as it looked on the recipe and removing it fixed the problem). But, it was sure nice to know that while I was trying to figure out the problem, others were working on it too. I had also purchased another more expensive product which I also tried. It didn't have the "cookbook" design in print and you would have to purchase their preprinted cookbook paper for that look. I recommended Living Cookbook if you want something that will allow you to print a cookbook the way it looks in the software. Exporting it to MS Word allows you to further customize it with your own images and comments.