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Singapore Dermatologist, Skin Doctor & Clinic | The Specialist Skin Clinic (S) Pte Ltd - The Specialist Skin Clinic (S) Pte Ltd is a specialist medical dermatologic clinic providing services to patients with all varieties of skin problems such as acne scar, pigmentation, hair problems, skin cancer etc. Call: 6734 1411.


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  • Alternet8 - see this if your confused with windows 8windows 8 is just windows 7 but with easier control im new with windows 8 but i know how it goes i know some people hate it because of the new start menu they said there scared of it and if there scared of it windows cantdevelopdeeloifno one likes it anymore so why use windows if you dont under stand it? you have to give giveit ok im sorry but im typing on a tablet and its glitching out so im going to stop here chanc
  • TeamMandJ - Working So FarMy fiance is taking this product. He had a surgery about 5 years ago where he was on intravenous drugs for 6 weeks and has had several subsequent surgeries with MAJOR antibiotic usage. He recently resolved a number of health issues and the last lingering problem was his stomach (he had to go many times per day, often at night for long periods). He had been tested for Crohn's and other disorders, placed on a number of drugs and diets, nothing ever made the slightest bit of difference. Align is working for him so far. He is regular after about 5 weeks of taking it and he has more energy. He is not 100% "better" but given the number of years this had been going on we are very happy to see that Align has already made a substantial difference. I would say this is worth trying for anyone who had used large quantities of antibiotics and subsequently experienced stomach problems. I hope it continues to work for him.
  • Blonde - YES YES YESWow, I really love this chair. I wish I had this over a year ago. I use it to put my 2year old at the kitchen bar. Before I had the chair she was always climbing up the bar stools. Even at 18mo she wanted to sit at the kitchen bar with the adults. I love this chair because it keeps her safe at the bar area and I don't have to worry about her falling down. I have a 12week old now who will get a few years of use out of this product. Very nice quality. I only wish it had a higher weight limit so I could use it longer. Wish I could put all my kids at the bar area with a chair like this.
  • Shannon - Leap Pad 2My four year old loves this leap pad ! It was purchased as a gift to keep my little one from messing with my iphone all the time. I love that the games are easy enough for her to navigate on her own but challenging enough to keep her attention. She really enjoys this toy and I would recommend to others. The princess bundle is just to darn cute to for my girly girl.
  • RegalEntity - What do you expect?This product meets all the required standards for a moderately expensive tablet. There really aren't any issues that I can attribute to this tablet. It's the Samsung Galaxy II! What would you expect from such a prestigious tablet? It works well, and I believe it to be the best bang for your buck. WiFi works extremely well. Picture quality is adequate (It's not a digital camera or a camcorder). The sound quality is decent for the size. If you would like to fill the room with sound, I would recommend purchasing some bluetooth speakers to sync with the tablet, to ensure satisfying sound quality (but not a crucial application). Able to insert microSD which is essential for storage space, and it alleviates the complexity of transferring data for those of us who aren't technologically savvy. Just some insight for those who will be purchasing a tablet for the first time. Make sure you get at least a screen protector although a case for the tablet would also be prudent. Never wipe your screen without some type of lubrication, if your just using a soft cloth out of your towel collection. Spray the towel or cloth with any reasonable type of cleaner and then apply it to the tablet. These screens will scratch easily and although it normally doesn't effect the picture quality and may hardly be noticeable, trust me, you will notice it. haha Anyway, good buy and well worth it. Good luck with your decision.