Special Operations in Medical Research - The Vile, Unspeakable Crimes of British Science and Medicine

Country: North America, US, United States

  • Chobitpersocom - Aestetically pleasing, but not what I expected.I came across these "jewels" when shopping for feminine products in my local pharmacy. I hadn't seen them before as they were new, I opted to purchase these instead of my usual tampon. To my horror, I found they had already been used. Yuck! Whoever filled them really needs to get themselves checked, because that black goop can't be healthy!
  • karoe - A must get resourceThis book if a must get when dealing with resistance and with people who have multiple drug allergies. I would recomment it.
  • S. Kumar "Gooner" - Had no problem with the download - here is the wayI had no problem with the download. Once you download the software in your desktop, select "view key" and note it down somewhere. Restart your system and click on the Norton Anti-Virus icon. It would ask you to enter the new key. Enter the new key number you just saved and restart again. That's it.

    Note: I already had the 2011 version Norton software. I just renewed it to 2012. I'm not sure about the first time installers.
  • doug "Just some dude." - Don't even bother with anything elseI used to fix PC's. I would get computers super jammed up with so much spyware and viruses that the things usually were not operable. So I have tried all the FREE ones and all the professional ones. Kaspersky is unquestionably the BEST on the market. Next in line would be Norton in my opinion. If you want to be safe while using your PC, run this!

    And BACK UP YOUR FILES using Carbonite

    If you are reading this trying to save your computer files from being wiped clean by re installing Windows, contact a young person that knows how to make a boot disk from and ask them to make one for you so you can run it and recover your files in a non-Windows environment and save everything to a thumb drive. Once you have viruses, you MUST reformat your computer and re install to be absolutely safe.
  • Techy-Geek - SLOWLY INTRODUCE yourself to the BearsStart with 5 bears every few hours or so and work yourself up to 25- 50 bears per day. If your not sensitive then you will be able to do this. You will need to do this before binging, if you stop consumption of the substance then binge again the bears will make a cheap date of you and your sure to be held hostage in the bathroom.