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Country: Europe, FR, France

  • Astr0120 "Give me the Simple Country Life" - Just what I needed for my MacBook ProThis is a great case for MacBook Pro. I ordered the Rose Red, color is true to the picture. My favorite color is pink
    so the Rose Red serves as the hot pink color I was looking for. Snaps right on to my Macbook Pro, no problems.
    Has a rubber feel, makes carrying my MacBook Pro feel more secure due to the grip that it gives. Those
    with MacBooks know that the casing can be quite slippery. The keyboard cover is great, fits right over my keys and still
    allows the light from the backlit keyboard to show through. Protects against dust and other issues common
    with laptop keyboards. I did not use the screen protector, I for present time do not need it right now. I have it put
    back and will put it on if needed. However, it looked very easy to put on a take off for those interested.
    All in all, I am very pleased with the color, durability, and quality of the Mac Book Pro case.
  • Dr. Norma Russ - Excellent bookA doctor recommended that I purchase this book while on my last rotation as Nurse Practitioner student. It really helps and now I am making all "A's" in my pharm course and while working as NP it makes my jobs a lot easier and fast. I would recommend this book to all Nurse Practitioner students and Med Student as well.
  • Ammy_Evaluator - Great tour guide in a book!On a recent trip to Italy, I relied exclusively on this book for our stay in Florence, and I was not let down.

    The amount of detail on key sites is excellent - whether it is the Accademia, the Barghello, or the Uffizi.

    The information provided was also key in helping us determine which sites we wanted to visit. For instance, the Duomo museum was not on our initial list, but after learning of Ghiberti's doors and Michelangelo's Pieta, we could not miss it.

    Some information from the book was not quite up to date:

    1. The Terraces tour was not available when we visited. In fact the Duomo Museum notified us that our information from the book was incorrect. In the end, this caused us to lose an hour waiting in line to climb the dome.

    2. The Firenze Card has increased in price to 72 Euros now. Also - though the book does not mention it specifically, you do not need to buy one for kids under 18. The good folk at the museums let our kids through without any fuss or bother.

    3. The Tourist Information kiosk at the SMN train station no longer existed. Use the alternative location across the street at Santa Maria Novella.

    In addition, the Galileo museum chapter was a rare disappointment in an otherwise great book.

    Overall, if you can't be bothered with tour guides or travel agents, you really could benefit from this book.

    Happy Travels!

    Other general tips:

    Buy train tickets from the trenitalia web site. I downloaded their emailed PDF receipt and e-ticket to my cell phone, and simply handed my phone to the ticket collector when on the train. There is a significant discount if tickets are bought well in advance (1st class/business fares for the price of a 2nd class ticket.)

    Our itinerary for 5 days in Florence was:
    Day1: Day trip to Pisa, Piazzale Michelangelo in the evening
    Day2: Day trip to Venezia
    Day3: Barghello in the morning, Uffizi in the afternoon, and Palazzo Vecchio in the evening
    Day4: Medici chapels and Accademia in the morning, Galileo Museum in the afternoon, and the Palazzo Pitti in the evening
    Day5: Duomo museum, Santa Maria del Fiore, and Giotto's Campanile (reserve this for a Monday as most other sites are closed on that day)

    We stayed at the centrally located and spacious Hotel Alba Palace (better rooms than staff) which came with breakfast included.
  • Cindy - Rad Mag Bike TrainerThis is my first bike trainer. It was easy to set up and adjust the resistance. I thought it was fairly quiet. Rode for 30 minutes and got a great workout considering I haven't ridden since it snowed here. I used it with my classic road bike with slick tires. This will really keep me in shape until Spring comes!