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  • Ravensara - Get texts on where your dog went ....I think the basics are included by some others.

    I want to share the glitches I went through and things learned.

    First, this does work. Some expectations in reviews are not realistic. This is not a several hundred dollar GPS system that tracks every second. This is a balance of cost vs performance. The 'base' unit finds the dog's Tagg and saves battery at home. Sure, I'd like the Tagg zone to be smaller, but it's workable. In an urban area when a main road is close by that would be more of an issue. But that is a limitation. It covers part of my neighbor's property before I get an alert.


    The location of the docking station can be a factor, and it works best for battery life and tracking by being away from metal (washing machines, refrigerators) and by a window.

    When the dog leaves the Tagg zone is when the battery and GPS starts, so my dog got out 3 times yesterday (and once this morning) and I expect that used a lot to track 4 times. While it didn't notify me to recharge (it did for the Alerts the dog was out), I keep them recharged a lot because I don't want a low battery if someone gets out. I have 5 trackers and have used them for several months now. I rarely wait for a low battery alert because I know if GPS tracking kicked in they use a lot of battery.

    So sometimes I recharge batteries every few days, sometime a week or two. It's not a month.

    Outside the Tagg zone (a few hundred feet around your home) the GPS kicks in off the Verizon cell towers, the Taggs begins flashing red and blue, and finds where your dog is every 3 minutes. Text and email comes in, ALERT goes red on your phone app, and the notes are specific as possible.

    "Tagg Alert. Kali: I'm outside the Tagg zone near Washington Ave and 1st Street. (city,state,too) Reply HELP. STOP to cancel. 9:36am."

    Others say "Kali: I'm 20 feet from 3647 Sunset Drive, city/st"

    So text HELP or go to the map page on the iphone ap that lets you TRACK or LOCATE. I found even if I don't push track it does a 3 minutes check on location and afterwards I can go on the internet and see where they went by pushing 'SHOW TRAIL."

    So you have the text/email ALERTS and the map to find them.

    1) Sometimes the addresses aren't real....they are where the numbers would be, but you can figure if 9360 is between 9350 and 9372 house numbers. To see your neighborhood go to

    2) Dogs have been in the woods away from roads, and then you really need to use the map to find them.

    3) It helps if you know the topography of your area. Yesterday 2 ran off and I know where the little lakes and marshes on the google map so I knew where, but had to go through someone's property to call the dogs back from the backside of that lake(and they came through the swamp of course, yuk).

    If you've got huskies or shibas or dogs that run a lot, previously (pre-TAGG) it is only finding them in the first few minutes that worked. Luck. It was a guess which direction they went. They love being out chasing wildlife and cover ground rapidly. Otherwise I was dependent upon people finding them and calling me off the collar tag phone number. Many nights of driving are over.

    The longest time it's taken me to get the dogs with TAGG is 14 minutes and that was to get them out of the woods. Usually it's inside of 10 minutes from the dog getting out to my having them on leash and heading home. I've done this dozens of times.

    That is worth $8/ month ($12 in my case with 5 trackers), ... even if it's once a year, to me. If you have ever chased a runaway dog for hours or days you'd agree.

    When I get the dogs home I check the Taggs for water, dry the Taggs off and recharge them. If you take them off the collar you'll get alerts that they aren't connected, so I take the entire collar off. I've heard of corrosion, which makes sense. I also heard the batteries only last a couple years and there is not a way to replace them in this unit. So my guess is they'll need replacement, but Tagg support didn't know how long they last. It would be nice if they offered a discount on replacement for long term customers or maybe made one with a battery replacement, but usually these things are designed to be waterproof to some degree so sealed.

    If you buy them off ebay, the Tagg support people will tell you the warranty isn't good. So don't tell them that. I have not had to replace any of mine, but they were all new. The past few months has had specials so it's a good place to check and often Tagg Support will tell you who has specials.

    In one call Tagg Support said we could move the home zone to find the dog right by the house. I have not tried that. IF the dogs are that close and just in the woods, they'll surface or if they go further I'll get a TAGG alert.

    SO while I've had numerous calls in to understand how it works, it's not flawless and I've had a couple false alerts which may indicate a verizon issue in my neighborhood, overall it does what it says.

    In most areas there is a law that states a lose dog can be shot. Those laws are from the time when animals chased neighbor's wildlife and are still legal. I do have one neighbor who says they'll shoot my dogs if they come in.

    My dogs are jumping a 6 foot wooden privacy fence to get out, so I'm going to solar power hot wire it hoping that helps. But arctic dogs like to take off. Now I take the older dogs out front to garden with me, knowing if they go I can find them inside of 10 minutes. They don't go towards a road; they go into the woods chasing animals so that is just my situation. But it's nice to have them with more often.

    Microchips do not have GPS. They do nothing unless someone checks the number with an expensive piece of equipment. My animal control does not even have a chip reader. Most vets do. So if my dogs were recovered by animal control, they could be housed and then euthanized without ever getting a call. Please understand the limitations of microchips! They are marketing them as more secure than they are. I also had a dog show up in a vet office with a chip and they refused to let me have my dog back. So they are in no way related to this system. A microchip will work in a court of law to establish ownership, but honestly, that isn't going to help you find a dog that took off, only identify a thief in court. Collars with tags and phone numbers work better, but you're dependent upon people finding them and taking a chance on the dogs being hit by cars or taken down by mountain lions or wolves.

    So the Tagg system is far superior to anything for runners, and cheaper than the more elaborate systems used usually by hunters to track dogs. Technology changes fast, but cost/performance, this will help find your dog. Technology will continue to get better and either Tagg will get better or a better company will come up. The new TILEs coming may help. They are not out as of 2013. But the problem I know of people traveling (often show dogs) and having an accident and losing a dog,or having one slip out of an RV, means I'd never travel without my dog's having their Taggs on. In those situations the dogs that get away are often killed and gone for days. If you have runners, this product is priceless.
  • Crystal - A+ Pure GarciniaIt had me hooked at `veggie capsules'.....and the fact that is was featured on OZ! The %60 HCA that was suggested by him is found in the Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract that I purchased, and I wish I could scream it: I lost 5 pounds!! I have tried so many other things, pills included, and nothing felt HEALTHY like the Pure Garcinia. Sometimes you just feel like you are washing down chalk, or something that has been processed.....not so with this product. I felt great after I took it, and I saved so much money finding this product. (I was probably paying twice as much for other weight-loss items.) The fact that is actually curbs my appetite for longer helps me so much, and I am so grateful someone has actually found something that works. My body loves it, and I love it. I work out, eat healthy, and take the Pure Garcinia as prescribed. It makes such a difference!!

    Thank you Dynamic Nutrition!
  • Kryssy - Glad to have this settled.After purchasing this item I tested it on my mother and my son. After waiting the designated 4 hours for each test I was happy to find out that my mother was indeed my mother and my son was actually my son. All this speculation, despite seeing pictures and having a video tape of my own birth and going through the birth of my son myself, has driven me crazy for a very long time and I am extremely happy to have this all settled. Best product ever. 5 stars.
  • Trevor - Great for New and OldIf you've ever been remotely interested in this band, or even rock and grunge-y sound for that matter, then this is a must have CD. You can't really go wrong with all the great hits, crispy new songs, and fermented hidden treats of olde.

    The large variation music mixed with this bands unique taste makes for a great time that I've been coming back for year after year. However, if you're like me and have all of the previous CDs, you may be a little hearth broken when you get teased and left wanting more new material... but those moments when that euphoria hits your veins- it's bliss.

    So, by the end of it, new comers and die-hards will be thrilled and should buy this right now, but everyone in the middle will just have to judge for themselves if they want the CD or to just nit-pick single downloads from the album.