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  • Patricia G. Kornfield - The best book I have read in a long timeThis is a wise, warm, wonderful story - or really, series of connected stories and characters. It's one of those books that you never want to have end. I thought it wouldn't be that good or that "deep" because it was a bestseller, but there is nothing cheesy or dumb about this book. It has all the best pieces of a readable story - page-turning 'what happens next' suspense - while still containing deeply felt wisdom and truth about the beautiful ruins that make up (most of) our lives.
  • Sherwin Thomas - Had reservations but so very glad i purchasedThis tablet is excellent, I didn't know if to buy this because of the issues I have been reading about but I am so glad I did.

    I had a scare after I did the 8 hour initial charge and booted up the device, after the startup configuration the device downloaded and applied a couple of updates and I started to get the dreaded constant reboot. Luckily I was able to factory reset from setting and allowed the updates to go through again and no problems since :), Seems to me like one of the updates caused the rebooting but once the next update was applied the tablet has run great

    WiFi and gps seem to work without any problems, I'm not sure if this is from the software updates or if ASUS fixed anything with the newer releases but I haven't seen any of the problems others are reporting.

    For anyone thinking of getting this tablet, take it from me, it's beautiful and if yours works as well as mine does there is no way you will be disappointed