VANTIN FOR CANINES - Ambulatory Patients With A Maintained Labeling Preparada Or Disk Cup, Relatively With A Accurate Vantin 200 The Standard Cefpodoxime Powder Should Provide The Experience!

Country: Europe, DE, Germany

City: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein

  • ~Kimber~ - Economical!This stuff works GREAT as a flea-dip and will clean your drains out better than Drano ever could! It also works great as tanning lotion.

    Just an FYI, within a day or two after you order, a couple of guys in dark sunglasses and black suits will show up and want to ask you some questions. They don't really seem to like it if you slam the door in their face while yelling at them to wait while you put your face on. Anywho, if you just explain tanning, they roll their eyes a little, but they'll leave pretty quick afterwards.
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  • Ashlei D - Summers Eve is my BFFUm, this review probably will be a little TMI.

    But my boyfriend and I have sex a lot, and this makes me feel clean and fresh.
    And at drugstores, ONE bottle is like 18 $. Which is soooooooo ridiculous.
    So when I came across this pack of 3, i was uber happy.
    I love stocking up one things, makes me feel safe in a way lol.

    And they are the big bottles, not the small ones.