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  • Brad "Darth Gunner" - HeartbreakingPost apocalyptic novels are a tough genre.
    Many try to go too far into the detail of why the author thinks things happened, and just what the hypothesized things that happened were.
    In this novel, most of the details left blank. Which make sense in the context of the novel.
    It isnt 1st person, but it is heavily from the point of view of the father and son. Where they go and what they do and say. And they didnt know, so why should we? And to the point of the story, does it matter?

    There is no overlaying narrator thread to add / subtract qualitative value to the actions and consequences. It is raw and visceral and awful and terrible and wonderful.
    A few belly laughs aside though, this is a dark journey, and if you arent both familiar and comfortable with the dark side, you may want to leave this one alone.
    But if you are looking for a GREAT read that may take you to a dark place, and even have your eyes welled up a few times, you cant go wrong with this one.
  • Peter - Much has been said about this tablet, so I'll keep this short.I love this device. It's got so much power, a great screen, snappy input, and ICS is wonderful. I can read all my books, surf the web, play console quality games and be productive on the road so nicely. Great device, good job ASUS. The recent updates have really made this thing shine. Unlocked bootloader will make this the best tablet for a while.

    gg haters.
  • Elizabeth - A lot of pans for the priceThey really are non-stick. I received these as a wedding gift and are a great start for my new kitchen. I made cookies the other day and they slid right of the pan. The cake I made last week came right out of those as well. Haven't tried the muffin tins yet, which are usually the most difficult. I also can't comment on how they hold up over time since I haven't used them much yet.
  • AZMom - Love Birnbaum Disney GuidesI last purchased a Birnbaum Disneyland guide in 2010, and since we're planning to take our boys there soon I wanted a new guide for the park. I love the organization of these guides, the attractions are in logical order around the different lands, height restrictions are listed in the guide so you don't have to find out when you get there that your kid is too short to ride. Restaurants are listed with a description of what they serve and symbols so you can easily identify if they are breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner places and also an idea of what you can expect it to cost per person to eat there. there is also a listing for each shop you can find and a basic description of what they sell. Disneyland Park, California Adventure and Downtown Disney are all included. Every attraction has a description, there are descriptions of the parades, shows and fireworks, along with where to see them at. Rides that have fastpasses are labeled so you can plan your day (or days) in the park easily.

    Whether this is your first time planning a Disney vacation or you've been several times before Birnbaums in a wonderful resource to have with you. I highly recommend this guide book.