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  • Gene Deel - Peek Into the Near Future - Read This Book Now!I know many people appreciate the direct approach: If you know who Shel Israel and/or Robert Scoble are, buy this book now. They execute fantastically on the premise of the title, no need to read my review further.

    For the rest of you, the dynamic duo of technology conversations have combined Shel's engaging story-telling approach and Robert's rampant enthusiasm for all-things-tech, to weave a relevant & persuasive tale of a brewing contextual storm.

    The "Age of Context" is a compelling read, relevant to anyone interested in a sneek-peek forward to the near-future, guaranteed to amaze, entertain, and inform. It paints a credible picture of the internet of things, how we are poised on the cusp of contextual-everything as big data, mobility, social media, location-based services, and sensors converge to deliver a better quality of life, and, for better or worse, inter-connectivity for us all.

    I was lucky enough to score a draft of the book to review, and found it so compelling that I read it twice in three sittings! My only complaint was that the hyperlinks weren't active in the draft (although who knows how long it would have taken me to get done if I had been able to chase down the rabbit holes!).
  • Ginger L. Gilmore - Great socksMy doctor has suggested that I give toe socks a try to help with my balance. I have RA and as a result my balance is sometime offish. These have done a great job. So much that I purchased 14 pairs. I where them at home, at work and even with sandals. I highly recommend.
  • h3liflyer - Animal owner loves it!After doing much research before buying a new vacuum, I decided on this model. I have mostly hardwoods, tile and a few area rugs in a 3400sq ft home. I also have 3 hairy cats and a dog. I really needed something that picked up hair, dirt from my husbands boots and remains of snacks from a 5 yr old, but also needed something that would do it with ease going from carpet to hardwood. This is be far the best vacuum I have ever used for those purposes! It is quiet, has such good suction that it pulls itself across the rugs and the hose reaches the ceiling fans that hang from 10ft ceilings! When I was in line purchasing this the lady behind me said, I have that one, and it is the best vacuum I have ever used, well, that cemented the deal and I am glad I purchased it. I also have the Shark steamer for floors and that works like a charm after a year and half, I love that because it goes from my tile floors to hardwoods and all I do is flip the pad, they really make their products do what they claim! This one has a 7 year warranty, great deal!
  • Josie Jean - Absolutely read this engaging memoir!!Jeannie Ralston has beautifully written a heartwarming memoir candidly sharing her transformation from big city girl to rural lavender farmer. As a New York City journalist, she meets and marries Robb, a globe-trotting National Geographic photographer. A marital compromise lands her in Hill Country, Texas, living a country life she never would have imagined for herself. In time, she finds herself knee-deep in her husband's next project...growing lavender. Robb's frequent travels leave her alone to manage it all...the children, farm, business and finances. Discovering many new talents along the way, her determination turns her venture, Hill Country Lavender, into a highly successful business that forever changes her and the entire region.

    Ms. Ralston has done a brilliant job describing all of the joys and hardships of her life as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Her writing style is utterly captivating, and her humorous spins on many of her experiences were laugh-out-loud funny. I absolutely adored this wonderful book and I highly recommend it! Its inspirational story is overflowing with important lessons about life and love. Ms. Ralston's ability to adapt and thrive in adverse circumstances is impressive and she serves as an excellent role model to us all. In the end, we don't always end up doing what we set out to do...and in her case, that's a good thing!!
  • Janice E. McNickle - A wonderful productBare Minerals foundation is a perfect product. First of all, it goes on beautifully. Secondly, if you travel this is a perfect product. It zips through the airport security with no problems at all. But mostly - and this is why I love it - it looks beautiful and if you are like me and have any type of imperfection you will love it. It covers all. I cannot say enough about this product. I am thrilled to have found it. I hate liquid makeup and it makes my skin looks shiny and feel greasy. This product does none of those things and makes my skin looks beautiful. It wears all day with no touchup. Perfect product.