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  • Florida Fan - Plum Crazy About Stephanie PlumJanet Evanovich has created an amusing and lovable character in bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. She has such an engaging personality and anyone can relate to the crazy situations that occur in her daily life. Her exploits as a bounty hunter keep you wondering what she is going to get into next. I can hardly wait to pick up the next book in this series to see who she will come up against and what kind of trouble she will get herself into. Her sidekick Lula is great as well and I will be anxious to see these characters portrayed in the movies.
  • Laura in CA - Great reference bookI work in the medical industry, and could not do my job nearly as well without this book. I have to find crosswalk codes for invalid codes that are billed by medical providers, and this is the book to have for that. You simply look up the billed code, read the description, and find something similar that is valid for payment.