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  • Michael Placencia - Amazing Unit. Amazing.Huge sound. Easy, intuitive use. I have bought a couple of these already. It is really good quality. The rubberized exterior and weight and buttons really feel solid. The built-in battery is fantastic and I get as least 6 hours per charge. You can't believe the bass you hear is coming from this little thing. It says it is "weatherized", which I imagine is a legally safe term for "water resistant" and I did not expect too much from that claim, but as it turns out, the unit can take a full Sierra Nevada Torpedo pint spilled on it, and the subsequent rinsing off, without even stopping the playback. The bluetooth connectivity is fantastic, I barbeque and keep my phone in my back pocket and the unit can be 50 feet away, so I am the cook and the DJ. It you have a small table, just prop the unit on its side.

    This unit beats the hell out of a Jawbone or Beats units that cost twice the price, and the new rechargeable Bose unit, I have had a chance to compare them (except a beats unit) in the field.
  • BC "BC" - Prescription Drug ReferenceThe PDR is an indispensable reference if detailed drug information is needed. This product is very helpful if prescription medications are taken for acute or chronic medical conditions and you need to research the drugs your doctor is recommending. The information provided is detailed and thorough. I purchase updated PDRs as needed to keep up with medical advances.
  • Ianto Jones "Infinite Diversity in Infinite C... - Does just what it says on the tinVery satisfied with this product. I'm still getting used to the shiny new features, but - it's definitely an improvement over last year, which is precisely what it's supposed to be.
    I have to admit, I'm someone who has to fight the impulse to just keep my finances in an Excel spreadsheet (I started out with Quicken '95, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed with all the moving pieces as things get more and more and more complicated the 'easier and faster-better-stronger' they get, year after year after year), but - if you take the time to get used to them, the features really *do* help, and will make it better/easier/more efficient to manage tasks and stay on top of your budget. Don't know what I'd do without Quicken; I've always recommended it to all of my friends and family.
  • rmm7777 - Great Quick ReadIt is a great, quick read and very suspenseful. With no chapter breaks it is hard to put down. I read the book and loved it. Then I heard there was a movie coming out and it was supposed to be good, but was very disappointed with the lack of detail. If you have to choose read the book and skip the movie...