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  • S. Guest "A Mom of Two Soilders" - Didn't have any problems with my Orgreenic panI need a non stick pan. I have been using cast iron for years, but it is starting to get heavy....or maybe I'm starting to get old. With all the negative comments I was really debating on getting one of these pans. I have a friend who bought one at Walmart and loves it. I wanted the 12", but it was a little more pricey. The $20 I had to pay for the 10" wasn't going to be that big of a deal if I had to throw it out. Our first use was bacon based on other reviews. And it has worked great since day one. We use it at least once daily. Don't have any problem sticking, even cheese. When I cook eggs I do add a little butter (maybe 1/2 teas) because I like the taste. Eggs have never stuck. I'm ready to invest in the 12" now.
  • missingNY - I THINK YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!I started taking Garcinia Cambogia a week ago and I am already seeing results. I have been less hungry and my cravings between meals have disappeared. I usually have one drink a night (sometimes two) just to unwind, but for the past week I have had no desire to have a drink. I wake up in the morning and take three pills as suggested. I have breakfast an hour later and I am good for the rest of the day. I always try to have a small lunch so I eat salads or a turkey sandwich. I take three pills an hour before dinner and most times I don't finish my plate. This stuff really works. One more thing which is very big for me - NO SIDE EFFECTS! I love that because in the past everything I took made my heart race or my blood pressure rises. I am 5'8" and was 180 as of New Years day. Today is January 7 and I have lost 7 LBS.
  • Anne-Marie Ibanez - Another great read!Could not imagine a more enjoyable read than Wolf Hall, but here it is. The story seemed more concentrated and the pace was compelling..with a Kindle read it's hard to know when the last page will come and it was too soon. Cannot wait for the sequel. After such a meteoric rise, one fears the worst for Thomas Cromwell, execution being the political tool that it was. More, please, Hillary from your retreat down by the sea. And something about Elizabeth 1 and how she survived. Thank you for such a convincing account.
  • Gena Worrell - exceLLENT hEALTH sOURCEThis book is wonderful, I have learned soooo much about eating right, organics and being healthy as a result of this book. I love that it taught me to pay attention to my body and to learn about the foods that work best for your body by testing them. Reactive foods vs non reactive foods was a huge tool for me to lose weight.
  • Chekhov - Best heating pad I have ever owned.This is the best heating pad I have ever owned.
    There are 6 heat settings, and you can actually tell the difference in with each setting. The pad itself is nice and soft, with a fleece texture on one side and cotton like cloth on the other side.
    The 2 hour auto shut off option ( which can be turned off) is great, especially if you are using it on you back and happen to fall asleep with it on.