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  • melonpop - Great Meal Replacement!For me, I actually love the taste of this over any other meal replacement/green drink. I was taking Alive for the past few years but there came a point where I just couldn't handle the flavor of it any longer (though I should mention that it did wonders for my health). I don't like the flavor of substitute sugars, odd attempts at improving flavor, or any of the aftertaste that a lot of the other powders had.

    I've been making smoothies with a single scoop of Raw Meal everyday for breakfast:
    - frozen blueberries
    - frozen strawberries
    - rice milk (since I'm allergic to dairy/almonds)
    - carrot/acai juice/any fruit juice (1/3rd of the amount of milk - to sweeten the smoothie a bit more)

    This smoothie ends up tasting very similarly to an All Fruit Smoothie from Jamba Juice (I used to work there). It still has a tiny bit of chalky/graininess to it but its not very noticeable. For those wanting to try this recipe out, the strawberries are a pain to blend since they come in large chunks. I microwave 3 small pieces for 10-15 sec to defrost them. Then I toss it into the Magic Bullet (or blender).

    This has been absolutely delicious & gives me a huge energy boost every morning (and is very filling! Lots of fiber to work with). Since I feel like I'm starting my day right, it really influences the way I eat the rest of the day as well. :)

    Update (1 year later): When I first started taking this powder, I was struggling with food allergies, chronic fatigue and constantly getting sick. Today, I am 15-20 lbs lighter and much healthier! At the time my food allergies gave me stomach problems nearly everyday. Now I rarely suffer from an upset stomach. I've also noticed that I have a healthy glow when I wake up in the mornings. I still can't recommend this highly enough.
  • Jenny - it works!I have a uti and sometimes get a yeast infections because of the medications i take. Well if I am on this while I take my medications i get no side effects my uti does away and I never get those uncomfortable yeast infections. The only down fall is you have to constantly be on it for it to work. Once I stop taking it to see if I am okay I get the uti again and yeast infection symptoms. But overall this is a great pill ! I would highly recommend it !