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  • Wayne Landgrebe - About Time!The FDA and Big Pharma are getting away with murder...literally. It's time it stops. This book will help. Also, it gives a very simple way to get well and stay well. All diseases are indeed caused by parasites and they cannot live in a well oxygenated body. Get this book immediately and do the very simple protocol for oxygenating your body for healing and health.

    Rev. Wayne W. Landgrebe
  • TV Lover - A must haveExcept for maybe psychiatry, this is something every medical provider has to have. I was going to go electronic this year, but it was way too expensive. I am good with the hard print - except that you may want to up-size to the bigger print version if you are getting a little older and you don't always have your cheaters on you or your nurses are getting a little older too.
  • Larry F. Rogers - Vastly Improved...Prior releases of AutoCAD for the MAC have been lacking when compared to the PC counterpart. The problem is that AutoCAD was developed for Windows and has worked on Windows for years, so getting a port to the MAC interface was no small task.

    As a result, reviews for the 2011 and 2012 versions were less than stellar and there were many requests for improvement.

    This version brought some features to the table I love.

    1. PDF Underlay
    2. Project Manager
    3. Much Better Graphics Performance

    It was painful to use earlier versions due to the performance, and this new version is every bit as fast as the versions I have used on the PC.

    It is impossible to sum up all the features of Autocad here in a review, but this version is vastly improved. The PC version still has native advantages.

    Autodesk for MAC is still a work in progress, and much improved. You can read where it lags in this article from Autodesk.

  • Mizry D'Lot - totally impressedI wish there was a book club in my area with this book. SO good for anyone who is job searching or just missing something in your life. There are exercises to do that I need someone to do with me to keep me honest but it is a GREAT read for job seekers or "more joy in your life" seekers. Highly recommend this book.