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  • Kometarc - Good News / Bad NewsOK, so first the bad news. This cable has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Apparently the cables were sucking the life force out of their creators err the... builders.

    Now the Good news. There is a way to get the cable! Because the cables have the ability to reproduce. All you need is to find 2 owners that have unrelated cables. (Please don't ask what happens when related cables reproduce. Not a pretty sight) Next you need to verify that one is male - easy to find - and one female (good luck, but they are out there). You will need to introduce them together in a deserted area - preferable a lead or copper mine. The reason for this is once the cables reproduce there will be a small thermonuclear explosion 75 to 100 Megatons. Don't worry about the mess as you can shovel the debris onto the Time/Space rift continuum that you created. Also, you will usually get several cables from the deal. You can use that to pay the expenses along the way.

    Good luck and happy audiophiling.
  • Linda E Washer - Great information, easy to read & understand. To me the information makes so much common sense. We are not getting enough oxygenGreat information, easy to read & understand. Everyone should read it! I'm drinking the distilled water with H2O2 to see how well it works. I don't have cancer or at least I haven't been told I do. Though I did smoke for 33 years & quite a little over 16 years ago. I haven't been told I have any major diseases, but have had allergies and sinus problems all my life that it seems to be helping. Hopefully if there are other problems that I don't know about it will ward off any possible health problems. Which cancer is a concern from after smoking for all those years. My Aunt quite more than 30 years ago & now has terminal cancer. She doesn't want any treatments since she's about 90 years old. It just seems it can show up even after years of not smoking so I thought maybe it might be a good idea to try the information out. Especially since the "cure" isn't expensive & could help save a lot of medical bills down thhe road. My mother actually bought the same book from somewhere & I read her book & purchased 3 book from your web site so I could keep one, give one to my daughter & have one to pass around to people who might be interested in reading it. You just have to be careful of the "Food Grade H2O2" not to mix too strong & if the pure H2O2 gets on your skin full strength it strings & turns your skin white after being on your skin. To me the information makes so much common sense. We are not getting enough oxygen into our blood stream (especially with my sinus & allergy problems) & one of the things the medical doctors tell you to do is getting exersise. Well when you exersise you are breathing harder & taking in more oxygen. They also use oxygen pressure chambers to help with different medical issues. So if by drinking the distilled water with a few drops of Food Grade H2O2 can add oxygen into my blood stream (I can't exersise because of knee & back problems) that could help ward off additional diseases & medical bills I'm willing to try it! (I wish this had spell check !!!)
  • DukeRules - OUTLANDER FANATICThis is the best series I have ever read, and - trust me - I have read hundreds of thousands of books over my lifetime. (I'm 70). I am excited about the new TV series tht's scheduled to come out next year. (I would hold my breath til then if it were not detrimental to my health.) Anyone who reads will be delighted to find these books.
  • LiesFromLittleGirls - Buy This Album, The One Star Voters Are Cheats""The Division Bell" is the final album from Pink Floyd, a band that soon imploded as their fan base grew indifferent over the last ten years. This pretentious album enjoyed lukewarm sales before disappearing from the charts completely. Stacks upon stacks of "The Division Bell" can be found in cut-out bins in record shops everywhere. Gilmour won't admit it, but Pink Floyd are done. They went out not with a bang but with a faint whimper." The Division Bell is not PF's last album. Once again the user going by "You can't ban me" this time is at it again. This worthless B!tch stacks her votes against all of PF's albums to lower their star value. You can't buy a word she is saying, but you can by the album; do so, it is excellent. Nobody seems to like this poor attention starved TRL fan, and that includes the people on Amazon. No, we can't ban you, but we sure as hell can flame your ass.