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  • Stefano Montinino "dusty books" - A Solid Movie Guide12/01/2013 10:11am Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2013
    I have reviewed the most recent edition (2014)and I wonder if this
    version is still available. Well, I'm still using mine,
    I go back and forth between each book.A very fine book.
    Try it, you might like it, I have for almost 40 years.
  • Moanakai - You could frame every page!Truly an extraordinary artist, a gift that will please all year in beauty and function. Being in the medical field myself, I can attest that every vein and artery and bone are properly placed on those pages allowing a transparency into the body, of both human and animal (not all months have those type photos but are still nevertheless original pieces of art). I bought for one of my more open-minded doctors and also one for myself. Highly recommended.
  • Robert - DIY FusionThis was my second kit I had ordered and what I thought would be a daunting task turned out to be not so bad. I used this kit to add a spinning drive as a second drive to two of my 2011 Mac Minis. I was then able to follow instructions online to create a DIY fusion drive (1 logical unit). Just not that the ribbon cable pictured looks OEM, but the one you receive is obviously not. I did not use the included drivers so i cannot comment on them.