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  • Stephanie - Dan Brown... i love your books...but...i got tired of reading this with my laptop next to me in bed.... searching on Google for every reference to an artifact or painting etc.
    its not Dan's fault, the publishers should publish these type of books with photos. (dont you think?) am i the only reader not knowing everything there is about these old artifacts etc?

    One more thing... so much is happening in one day. would it hurt someone to let the book play off in a couple more? i ask this so the poor caracters can enjoy a meal, of cup of coffee of maybe catch a wink of sleep. i find it unreal that with all thats happening they dont get thirsty or hungry... (just me wondering..)

    with that said, i did enjoy the book. tremendously.
    well worth the money!

    thank you Mr Dan Brown...i cant wait for (and will buy) the next book.
  • Terri Smith - It really works and I HAD SUCCESS IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!This Supplement was great. My fiance and I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years with no luck. Desperately wanting to conceive I searched the web for fertility supplements and came across fertilaid. I then started to read the reviews that were on google or yahoo answers, I found some bad reviews and I also found some good ones. I closely reviewed the remarks and noticed that more people had more good things to say than bad. I also read that it might take more than one bottle which is more than one month, but I decided to just experiment with one bottle. I was still hopeless so I did not follow the directions closely, you are supposed to take 3 pills daily spread out, but at the same 3 times everyday. I used to take 3 at the same time for the first week, then the next 2 weeks I would take 1 or 2 pills a day or I would skip days. After the 3rd week of taking the pills I stopped because the they started to make me sick and I could not figure out why. A month later I then found out I was pregnant!!!! It only took me 3 weeks to get pregnant using fertilaid. (I also had intercourse every other day)
  • Detailed Video Reviews - The first diet approach that I can live withI lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks by eating foods I like in much larger portions than I normally eat. I found the approach easy to adapt to my lifestyle and I love not having to count calories. It is sustainable for me because there is nothing other than real food involved -- no power drinks or pills
  • Ruth A. Swinney - Great Fun!I loved reading Double Down, and enjoyed every minute of it. The book gets into the details behind the scenes, and for someone like me, who followed the election closely, it opened up the curtain a bit lo let me see the machinations and deceptions that are part of presidential campaigns . On a negative note, I found that some of the vocabulary that Halperin and Heilemann used was too archaic, I had to check words in the dictionary more times throughout this book, than in any of the many books I have read for the past couple of years. It almost felt like a joke the authors were playing on us, the readers. All in all, great fun and a good read!