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  • M. Rodriguez "Cnyper" - Mcaffee is always a good thing!Like all Mcafee anti-virus software, this one is great! It's easy to install-just put it in your computer, it auto-installs, you set a few preferences and you're all set! As in older versions, it has parental controls, identity theft prevention, and anti-phishing security. It also includes online automatic backup so if your computer crashes you won't lose all of your important documents, photos, etc. (up to 1GB) and allows you to password protect and encrypt your sensitive files! A new feature for the 2012 version is the automatic scanning of your external drives also. Overall, it's a very complete and comprehensive anti-virus software system that will keep your computer, identity, and kids safe on the internet!
  • P&C - On The Road to WellnessI came across this book by a (so-called) fluke although in reality--it is a timely answer to a 32 yr-old prayer. I read the book with great enthusiasm because my current doctor had put me on an elimination diet to detoxify my liver. No sooner had he done this than my skin began to clear up. When I read this book, the author says that many people initially find relief to psoriasis when their doctors put them on elimination diets for other reasons. Thus the undisputable proof that diet and nutrition have everything to do with your health. When I finished the book, I gave it to my doctor who was extremely open to its suggestions. We immediately put 2 or 3 of the book's suggestions to work in addition to what I was already doing. Even though we are in the middle of winter (the worst time of year for the psioratic), my skin continues to clear and is soft and supple. I have since told everyone I know who suffers with this skin disorder, about this book. Please, please--give this book a chance. Improvements are generally noticed within 6-8 weeks. You need to give your skin a chance to heal underneath and then make its way to the surface where you will eventually see it. The first thing I noticed was that it stopped spreading! Diet is rather strict while the skin is healing--then you can play around with what works for you and more importantly, what doesn't. In the meantime, stop eating tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant, peppers of any kind (except black pepper), vinegar and alcohol--and if you smoke, either quit or cut down to 3-4 cigarettes a day. Tobacco is a "nightshade" and exceptionally toxic to the psioratic. Increase your fruits and vegetables. No red meat (including pork). Limit all dairy products to nonfat or 1% milk fat, and even then, limit your consumption. And (obviously) limit or eliminate sugar. Cut out gluten products (pasta, breads, cakes and cereals). Take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil each morning and evening--and also two capsules of Omega 3 fish oil capsules, both morning and evening. Keep flaxseed oil in refrigerator and Omega 3 fish oil caps in freezer. These few guidelines will get you started until you can read this book. Sounds like alot, but clear skin will be worth it!
  • Ijustneedit - No longer a skepticI was at a friends house recently, and we were kinda bored, so he suggested we hit the local bar to hear this band that was playing and maybe score some chicks. Being a music lover, the band part sounded good, but I was never very good with the ladies, and I was feeling kind of shabby looking anyways. I agreed to go but asked if he had a better shirt I could wear. He said he did, and left the room for a few minutes. When he returned, he threw a folded t-shirt at me. A t-shirt? I don't think a plain old black t-shirt was proper bar attire if I wanted to score a chick for the night. I kept to myself though and told him thanks. I went to the bathroom to change a clean up a bit. Then I unfolded the shirt! Holy crap! I can't believe he would let me borrow this! It is one of the most beautiful shirts I ever seen, and suddenly I felt recharged and ready to hit the bar! Immediately upon putting the shirt on, my penis grew longer and thicker and I felt better than I ever had. We didn't even get into the bar, but had just left my buddy's car in the parking lot, and the ladies started to stir. Needless to say, I didn't have to buy any drinks and actually had to tell a few women sorry because I couldn't fit any more in the car to go back to my buddy's place. One of the best nights of my life! I couldn't wait to order my own, now I got 10 of them!
  • angie - Best Product and Customer Service Ever!!!I bought 2 of these cameras and it was the best money I have spent. I searched all over for the best baby monitor and I finally found it. They were easy to setup for home viewing. Setting up for external viewing (nannycam) took a little more time. Eric from WIFI Baby was absolutely great. He did a screen share with me and called me and had them set up within 30 minutes. It is so nice to finally find a great product and have great American customer service to support it. The pictures are clear. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
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    Quote from my mom: "Before I had BIC Cristal For Her pens, I was utterly at a loss in how to write my grocery lists. I used to use those ugly regular pens that my husband uses to do important things, and somehow, I would always end up with ink all over my face and blouse! But now, the words just flow from the pen to the paper. It's like I don't even have to think, which is great because I'm a woman and it's hard for us to use our small brains all the time. Thanks BIC!"

    You might wonder, if my mom is so thrilled with the BIC Cristal For Her pens, then why doesn't she just write this review herself? Well, the answer is because the idiots at Apple still haven't invented "for her" keyboards, and we're a family of Mac users.