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  • CTReader "KD" - Excellent Thriller - Read at Your Own Risk!!I won't go into details already covered. I will say this book was Outstanding. The subject matter is quite disturbing especially for women. There is a true monster in this book that leaves you in shock. The thing I loved about this book was it just kept you guessing to the very end. You will have a hard time figuring this book out and that's what makes it so good. The writing was quite good. I had a hard time putting this one down. I enjoy finding new and exciting authors and this one delivers. Looking forward to more by this Author.
  • JP - Don't waste your time with any other book.I have read at least six back books. I started with "fix your own neck" which did lead to some immediate relief but didn't solve the main underlying problem and in the end led to other problems (my humble opinion as an ignorant "patient"). I had upper back spasms which were recurring and general upper-back and neck discomfort. I was diagnosed with disk compression and a form of arthritis. For three years the best back center I could find, Emory Ortho-Neuro Spine Center could only give me anti-inflammatory and physical therapy. The third physical therapist did some good but generally they didn't help, but were quite expensive. I suffered further spasms, daily discomfort and my $100,000-a-year-surgeon and spine specialist / professor doctor insisted that only anti-inflammatory would help. He insisted this problem would not, could not, go away.

    I will not waste your time with the list of books that wasted my time except to say that I did get some benefit from the Fixing Yourself series book on neck and shoulder pain but it did not address the underlying problem that I had and I continued to have spasms after applying the stretches and exercises in that book.

    After reading Gokhale's book, and now with two months of working on its methods, I can say it probably would have saved me three years of disabling pain and discomfort and another decade of discomfort before that if I had picked it up earlier. I have taken only one or two anti-inflammatory pills in the last two months. Prior to that I needed 15mg of Mobic two to three times a week to feel human.

    In addition to helping you out, this book offers a real explanation to the astronomically high percentage of adults in western society that face back problems: The fashion industry starting in the 1920's. The evidence in pictures is very convincing and makes perfect sense once you see the many visual examples in the book..

    I didn't buy the book earlier because it seemed too good to be true. If you could have a pain free back in 8 steps, why would so many people continue to suffer back pain? Answer: most people don't have the book. I'm not easily sold on get rich quick schemes.

    Bottom line is that this book is a life-saver and I owe it to the people on Amazon who have bothered to spend some time to rate this book with five stars. It is very rare that a book has five full stars with over 250 reviews. So I bought the book. If not I would still be suffering today, probably on my way to an ulcer and early disability. I am only 36 years old, active, eat healthy....

    If the conclusions of this book were generally known, it would end billions of dollars of annual medical industry profit in pills and surgery, not to mention products, massages etc.

    For $15 it is literally worth its weight in gold for people with back problems.

    A final note. The book says that these postural problems addressed in the book have been known to cause irritable bowel syndrome. I have had ongoing bowel problems and one in particular has improved substantially since I started following the steps in the book.

    Recommendation to author: include back spasms in the list of things this book addresses. It is mentioned in the text but not explicitly in any summary that I found.