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  • Dad of one - Great organizational tool for the Mom on the GoMy wife keeps us all organized and going in the right direction with this planner which she can easily fit into her purse or briefcase when she is on the go. We all love the funny characters and the helpful stickers. Bright and colorful so hard to misplace! Now if they would only make one for elementary aged children because my daughter is always trying to take the calendar away from her Mom.
  • Joshua D. Washburn "jwashbur" - I love the Transformer Prime!I dont understand all the negative reviews. This tablet is awesome. Ordered mine on December 18th, and I received it today. The screen is beautiful! The tablet looks very cool. The spun metallic look is sweet. I didnt notice many changes after updating to Android 3.2.1, but things seem to be working well. I haven't had any issues with the wifi.

    Watching soccer on ESPN3 is so cool. I did notice that the video seemed jittery at times even though I had 4 bars. Maybe it's a Flash issue. I did have to install the Flash 11 update and reboot before ESPN3 would work.

    UPDATE: the Dolphin browser works great for streaming ESPN3.

    UPDATE: Using Splashtop remote (app included under MyCloud > MyDesktop) to stream ESPN3 from my PC works great! Streaming HDTV shows that I have recorded also works well. The quality is not perfect, but convenience is great. I use Windows Media Center, an antenna, and the AverTVHD USB TV tuner to record HDTV shows from local stations AVerMedia AVerTVHD Volar MAX USB TV Tuner MTVHDVMXR. Works great!

    Shadowgun is definitely an impressive game for a tablet.

    The onscreen keyboard seems a little slow, but I assume there is some setting that may fix that, or perhaps downloading a different keyboard. I ordered the Transformer keyboard dock anyway.

    Using Gmail and browsing is great!

    Fantastic tablet!
  • Lina Z - One of the best thrillers of the year.I couldn't put this page turner down. The suffering and emotions that Annie experiences during and after her abduction by a truly manipulative psychopath are conveyed so incredibly well. It makes you feel like you're in the story trying to keep up your hopes for Annie and trying to think up ways to challenge the abductor at the same time. The "one sided" talks Annie has with her therapist are way more impact making than if the therapist "answered" since without the therapist's response the focus remains on Annie, her psychological issues and how these relate to her abduction. If you would enjoy a well researched psychological thriller with a sympathetic victim, you'll love this one.