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  • Brian - Don't believe the negative press.I don't know if Apple or Google or both pay a bunch of bloggers to write negative things about Microsoft, but the disinformation campaign about this release is staggering.

    In short, Windows 8 offers GREATLY improved performance over Windows 7. Boot times are lightning quick, even without an SSD, and stability in the desktop mode is better than ever. The lack of the start button does not hinder or slow down productivity in the least. The OS features a global search option that makes finding anything, be it on your local hard drive or on the Internet, faster than previous incarnations of Windows.

    Using the start screen (or Metro) environment is no less difficult with a keyboard and mouse than it is on a touch device. The much-hyped "drastic learning curve" equates to about five or 10 minutes of playing with the OS, and once you're familiar with things, there is no going back. This is Microsoft's best release by a country mile, whether you're a power user or an everyday consumer.

    If I have one complaint, it's that the stock music and video apps are fairly weak. The reason for this is Microsoft tried to combine a media player and a storefront into one place, when it probably would have made more sense to keep them separate. Apple does this with iTunes as well, but there is a clearly delineated line between where you store/access your local content and where you make purchases within the iTunes store. In Win8, it's all just kind of jumbled together. The solution to this is to simply keep using iTunes or WinAmp or one of the thousands of other media players already available for Windows.

    Seriously, don't be afraid of this release. It's a superior OS to Windows 7, and well ahead of Mac OS X.
  • Autler - Works Best with Aloe Vera JuiceI've been taking these for 8 months now and coupled with aloe vera juice, it has significantly reduced my digestion issues. Best to take it on an empty stomach and separate from any psyllium supplements. Yes, it's overpriced but for me- well worth it. Tell your doctor if you're considering taking Align and they'll usually stock you with free samples!