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  • Matthew Hess "If you can return it, buy it. U... - Not a gallon of gay... just good old fashioned red cap awesomenessDon't let the name throw you... this isn't a gay Sean Penn liquified and bottled. It's just plain old sweet bovine nectar.

    Blue cap...? Crap!! Yellow cap...? Crap! Anything but whole, red cap milk...? CRAP!!!

    Pour it on cereal and... MAGIC!!! The cereal becomes awesome.
    Eat a chocolate chip cookie (Soft Batch or Entenmann's) followed by a mouthful of milk and... MAGIC!!! The cookie/milk combo becomes what God intended... AWESOME!!!

    I'm still waiting for some noticeable difference in my physique from the growth hormones... especially after the "... it does a body good" ad campaign.

    The only thing that could make this less than awesome is when the container doesn't have a screw cap, but one of those pop off caps. If you pull it out of the fridge at the wrong angle it might catch on something, pop off and you face the risk of spilling the milk.

    I have yet to buy this online and have it shipped... I just don't have that kind of patience. That and a paralyzing fear of drinking a tall warm glass of botulism.

    Milk = AWESOME!!!
  • C. Brown "Lovely Ms. Brown" - OMG made me feel so much betterI've been having BV constantly, idk why....I am tired of having to go to the doctor all the time so I searched for something that would get rid of the fishy odor and this worked so well. I dont smell anything at all anymore and I am able to walk past someone or sit next to someone without thinking they can smell it. I pride myself on personal hygiene and with BV no matter how much you wash you cant get rid of the smell, but with this product NO SMELL:)
  • Jordan - DONT LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWSThe reviews for simcity is making people think the game isn't good. Most of those reviews are when in the beginning how the EA servers were terrible, and the game is glitchy. Those things can be fixed, and they are right now. Over the updates almost all of the glitches been fixed. Those problems made a lot of people mad FAST. They flooded the reviews spamming it with bad and mistrustful reviews. My advice for you is, if you are live in a area with around not bad internet, get it. If you live in a place with not so well internet, don't get it. Just remeber look for the reviews under, most recent, not most helpful.