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  • firebird - Worked Better Than I ThoughtProactiv worked great for me. I never have had terrible acne but for some reason mine did get worse this spring. When I ordered it, I was doubtful that it would work, but my girlfriend really wanted me to use it (it worked very well for her brother).

    Within just a couple days my face was noticeable more clear. Now after about a month of using it, my face is almost completely clear of all acne and looks better than ever. I am very impressed and will definitely be ordering more when my current supply runs out.
  • A lawyer from Berkeley - Zeno worked on all my acne, cystic as well as whiteheadsI have been treated for acne for twenty years. I have gone through two accutane treatments (six months or so each) and have used oral and topical antibiotics as well as Retin-A and Tazorac for the last twenty years. Although all of the products have helped, Zeno is one of the best products I have encountered. It is the only one that works immediately and completely. Acne sufferers everywhere should buy Zeno immediately. Zeno should also be purchased by any person who has an upcoming event (wedding, performance, trial, etc.) where they cannot have pimple: I had a six-pimple break-out last week that included cystic pimples and whiteheads (which your product disclaims the ability to fix). In the morning, following one application of Zeno (the whole thing took less than twenty minutes), they were all gone.
  • Edward M. Rohrlich "Ed R." - Order from Chaos, the republican wayI too found my life was disorganized without bindered women. Truthfully, all these women dispersed around the house and office made it almost impossible to get through the day. Now I can easily keep them orgainized, under control, and under paid. I mean seriously, would you want unbindered women flouncing about with their opinions and the right to vote.
    Better to have binders of them available when you need them, and the ability to file them away when they become obsolete, boring, sexually unattractive, demanding or make suggestions.
    That's why I vote Republican!!!
    Now if I can only get their shoes off and fit their pregnant bellies in the folder as well.

    Avery Heavy-Duty View Binder with 2 Inch One Touch EZD Ring, White, 1 Binder (79792)
  • Roger Curry "SRC" - It really is film school in book formI'm only a couple chapters into this book, but I have already gained a lot of insight. I'm noticing some of the tips and techniques in the TV and films I have watched since I started reading this. This is written in very plain English, and sounds more like a conversation with an expert over coffee than a technical textbook. The language is easy to understand without being condescendingly dumbed down, and it uses questions to guide the reader/film maker to really think about the process in order to come up with a more satisfying set of results. The author works in film and television, , and in addition to his experience, he includes a number of web links and films to study in order to hone the art of film making. I'm very much looking forward to reading the rest of the book, and applying the techniques and insights to my first film project.
  • DisneyDenizen - American Girls' Gift to Girls with Aspergers!I came across this book by accident when I was looking for just one more for the 4-for-3 promotion and about fell off my chair.

    My sixteen-year-old daughter has Aspergers. She LOVES these American Girl books, reads them over and over, and has learned a great deal from them about appropriate social interaction.

    I thoroughly reviewed the "search inside this book" link and am convinced that this book is PERFECT for girls with Aspergers. It appears to cover much of the same ground that her speech therapist drilled her in endlessly, but in a far more engaging manner. They had me at "25 things to say after 'Hi'". It is so difficult at times for an Aspie to carry on or continue a conversation. If my daughter memorizes half these things (and she has a prodigious Aspie memory), she will be able to do much better holding up her end of a conversation.

    I immediately recommended this book to my daughter's therapist for her other patients.