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  • Nikki S - cristal? no, it's a gemThe "diamond-engraved barrel" truly makes this a girl's best pen. I have other, manlier pens I must use for applications, tax forms and other official documents; these are perfect for my shopping lists and passive-aggressive notes, as well as for playing "Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House" in the outside margins of the crossword puzzle I'm pretending to fill out at Panera in the morning. Thank you, BIC, for these lovely pens, thoughtfully branded in the manner of feminine hygiene products so we know these really are for women! Clearly you have our interests in mind, and I look forward to when you re-brand paper clips to represent gentler, friendlier female sensitivities.
  • Aimee H. Howe-Hendle - Great supplement !!!I have been taking these for almost 4 months now, and along with diet and exercise I have lost 50 lbs!!! Yes, it is not magic on it's own, but I do feel that it helps curb your appetite and increase energy. It is all natural so how can you go wrong??? I am within 10lbs of my goal weight but plan to continue to take these. For weight loss I was taking 3 pills 3 times a day.