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  • Roger J. Buffington - An excellent telling of America's great battle and good depiction of General MeadeMany novels have been written about the great Battle of Gettysburg. Gettysburg was the true turning point of the Civil War. Although the Civil War raged on for two more years after Gettysburg, after the Union Victory in that battle the outcome of the war was never again in serious doubt. Ralph Peters is a splendid and knowledgeable writer and this shines through in this perceptive and accurate novelization of the great battle. Ralph Peters does not need help from anyone to write a novel, but this one was plainly very greatly influenced by Michael Shaara's "The Killer Angels" as even Peters acknowledges in his afterwords. That having been said, in this novel Peters brings his own insights into this novel and they and this novel are very much worth reading.

    Perhaps the strongest and best aspect of this novel is the way that it succeeds in bringing General George Meade to life. History records that Meade was the victor of Gettysburg, and yet he has often gotten short shrift by historians and popular writers. In reality, as Peters depicts in this book, Meade essentially pulled off a miracle of command at Gettysburg. Meade was given command of the Army of the Potomac only days before the great battle, and was so caught unawares by the promotion that when messengers were sent to notify him he assumed that he was about to be notified of his court martial. But prepared or not, General Meade quickly took control of the Army, devised a strategy, forced the Union Army to fight as a unified whole, and won a great victory. President Lincoln was furious that Meade did not pursue Lee after Pickett's charge and end the war, but Peters explains why this criticism is not valid.

    "Cain at Gettsburg" offers new insights into what is probably one of the one or two most important battles in American history. Highly recommended. RJB.
  • Preggo Belly - Was totally accurate for meI know there is a 50-50 chance involved here, but this product told me at 10 weeks that I was having a boy. Later at 20 weeks, I went in for my ultrasound and it was confirmed with the doctor that in fact I was having a little boy. I think as long as you follow the directions to the T, the test will probably be pretty accruate with others as well too. Additionally, it wasn't confusing to decipher the color (aka gender) given. It was pretty cut and dry what my results were. I will for sure use this for my next pregnancy!