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  • Lizzy Pink - Wonderful for organic and sugar-free hot beveragesI like sugar free, organic drinks (which is very hard to come by in the pre-packaged beverage blisters). My husband and I are currently drinking our first home-made lattes. I was spending a fortune on coffee shop lattes until now. I was reluctant to buy it because I'd read other reviews that said it wasn't frothy enough or that it didn't taste like latte. I think it's frothy enough and comparable to coffee shops.

    It's worthwhile to read the instructions first--but then it is a breeze to use. It's easy to operate and clean; and the machine is quiet. It brews and froths fast (maybe two minutes).

    Our first latte is a mellow coffee from Trader Joes + whole milk + sugar-free pumpkin spice creamer + stevia. It was hot and delicious. It is going to be a fun winter making sugar-free, healthy teas, coffee drinks and hot chocolates (it comes with a recipe book for all three). I'm planning some "spiced" hot drinks too. :)

    The personal size of this is perfect for us. But, you have to make a pot per every 2 mugs. Maybe they will consider adding a larger model someday, because these drinks would be awesome at a meeting or party!
  • Dr.A - First Aid Usmle Step 1 2012Amazing book
    Almost the same content as the 2011 book, but the new book has the images integrated with the text which is very helpful and better for fast reading and the new book has a new great look.
    I like the book and recommend it for all medical students.
  • P. Nash - Like having a private tour guideMy wife and I vacationed in Paris the first week of August. We bought this book based on the stellar Amazon reviews and it did not disappoint. We wanted to walk around and just get lost on the Paris streets. This book has many walking tours that allow you to see all of Paris and learn about the history of the city. It was like we had our own tour guide with us the entire time. This book was so helpful and I recommend it. Enjoy your trip.
  • TinaR7 - Great infoThe n formation is sound and her reasonings are clear. It is not easy to follow if you have a life that is no where near a microwave and fridge. I'm a vegetarian so it was maybe more difficult for me than most. I lost 11.4 pounds and I screwed up half a dozen times.

    I'm going to do it again after taking a week off or so. It succeeded it getting me past the plateau I had hit so I'm thrilled with my results. She makes a lot of sense and I haven't even finished reading the book.

    It would have been smarter to read the book BEFORE starting. Next time i am going to make myself a schedule so I won't forget what day I'm on. That was a challenge for me. I would figure up what days you want the most freedom and count backwards to get a good starting day. If you want the most freedom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...start the diet on Friday. It will be a lot easier that way.