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  • Robert E. Glasscock - Amazing Lens!The only lens like it in the Canon arsenal. Read all the reviews online that you can find. They're all pretty terrific, and they're right. Stunning images! I debated saving a few dollars with another UWA (ultra wide angle), but knew that this was the lens I really wanted. It hasn't been off my camera since I got it. It demands a new way of shooting to get the really spectacular results that can be achieved. Pay particular attention to foreground interest. Focuses so closely you can be practically on top of a foreground subject.

    A suggestion: I like to get down low with this lens. Order a folding cane-seat from Amazon. Lightweight, instantly ready wherever you are. You can sit on it or, if you want to go all the way to the ground but have trouble getting down (and up!), the cane-seat is right there to help!

    Fast and free shipping from Amazon / Adorama. Three days to my door.

    The 10-22 is not inexpensive, but it's worth every penny. Thanks, Canon! Thanks, Amazon!
  • M. Edwards - Better than Curly PuddingWhere has this product been all my life?! My curls are 3B: Curly Spirally texture and this is the best product I've used so far including other Miss Jessie's products, Deva Curl, Mixed Chicks, and various drugstore brands. As is true for most curly-haired women, I need to use A LOT of product to keep my curls from becoming too poofy, so oil/moisture content is important. I was using the Curly Pudding as recommended by my stylist for a long time and while it left my curls looking sleek and moisturized, it was so oily I felt like I had returned to the Jheri Curl era.

    The Curly Meringue on the other hand, makes my curls super spirally, without all of the oil. If you feel you need more moisture, leave in more conditioner or apply the Baby Buttercream before applying the Curly Meringue. It also makes my curls last much better into the second day than the Curly Pudding, which would just leave my curls completely flattened after sleeping, even if I wrapped my hair.

    Just a note, this does give your hair a fair amount of "lift", so my curls were about 1-2 inches shorter/tighter using this product than the Curly Pudding, but there was no poof or added volume. But this allows me to go longer between my expensive Deva cuts, so I love it. But if your curls are on the short side and you're trying to elongate them, go with something else. Yes it's expensive, but nothing else works like this for my hair.