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  • J. Torres - Should you order the disk or download?There has been enough written about using Microsoft's office apps versus Apple's on the iMac. I'll not rehash that here. I need every feature I can get my hands on so I checked Amazon today for the best price on Office 2011 for the Mac. Given that I only have one Mac in the house I was happy to see I could save a few bucks on the 1 license/1 mac version.

    Then I saw the download version available and wondered if I should do that or wait the two days for the disks. The item description said it could take from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 5 hours to download. One of the reviewers said the download didn't work. I thought I'd take the risk anyway given I have all the latest hardware and software, fast cable internet connection, a little bit of tech knowledge, trust Amazon to take care of its customers, and am increasingly enjoying the new world of online availability of everything without having to store disks.

    So here's my take: It took me 8 minutes to download the software and 4 minutes to install it. Then I had to get back on Amazon for the software key, as you need to quit Safari to finish the install. Upon starting the software it checked for updates and I needed to install service pack 1 which took another couple of minutes. All in all the process was completely error free and under 20 minutes. It doesn't get any better than this! Highly recommend!

    The only reason I might reconsider the digital download is if I was unsure about my internet or hardware/software setup. But if that was the case, then I wouldn't be looking at Office 2011 anyway, as it might not work well on my setup anyway. The thing people need to remember is that upgrading necessitates upgrading -- the best way to keep your old hardware is to keep your old software, but when you want the latest and greatest, be prepared for the costs for all the latest to go with it.
  • Ethel Davis "Love to read" - Flavorful and filling - Give it a try!I am not using the product for weight loss only. I am after the nutrition as much. I am a 60 year old female. I have lost 6 lbs since Christmas. I have my shake for breakfast and lunch and eat well in the evening.

    I LOVE the flavor of the shake. This is the first nutrition shake I have ever used that tastes this good. And it is much better than anything I have ever used at keeping me satisfied until my next meal. I have used the healthful mix ins and I love them too. But the flavor of this shake stands on it's own.

    I have not had any desire to add fruit or juice or any of the other things people have named in their reviews. One of my friends, a 30's male feels the same way. We just shake it up and enjoy it twice a day!

    I will see what my Doctor says about my progress when she draws my blood next week for my labs. I am hoping that my bad cholesterol and my blood sugars are down. I will update my review after I get my results.

    When you think of the price, remember you are substituting a whole meal with 12 oz. of milk and 2 scoops of product. That is a pretty inexpensive meal!!

    I am happy every morning as I look forward to fixing and enjoying my shake. Give it a try!

    02/11/2013 My Doctor is totally in favor of me continuing to use this product. I took an empty bag so that she could study it. My lab results were great.

    I am now at 10 lbs lost since Christmas. And I am still loving the flavor of this product.

    I now have 3 friends using the product also. Give it a try!
  • D. Sorel "book lovah" - Peace of MindI am beyond clueless when it comes to anti-virus software. It is for this reason that I bought a Mac because I was told that they have fewer virus problems than PCs. Still, I want to be protected. Additionally, I recently installed software on my computer so I can use both Windows and Mac OS. This concerned me because I knew I had to re-enter the world of anti-virus software. I have been burned in the past by all of the regulars in the market, so I took a stab at Titanium and I couldn't be happier!

    It is so easy to install that once you enter your product key, it just does it on its own. It takes under ten minutes for Windows and is very easy to use. I installed both the Windows and the Mac version and it hasn't slowed my laptop down at all! It can run scans in the background with no interruption to your other computer functions. The interface is extremely straight forward. There is also an option to detect web threats which I downloaded. The scans are quick but thorough and don't annoy me in the slightest. Overall, this is a fantastic product and I will certainly purchase other Titanium products in the future.
  • Kim Dalferes - Must Read for All Women in the WorkforceSheryl Sandberg's book Lean In is a must read for all women in the workforce. I don't agree with everything that Sandberg professes: I wish she had spent more time discussing working single mother's in the workforce - according to a Pew report published in May 2013 there are over 8 million single working moms today. I also believe that there needs to be space to discuss that perhaps many women don't want to "lean in." It's possible that women have different ideals when it comes to measures of success and personal satisfaction. However, here is why I give this book 5 stars: it has created a dialogue. Agree or disagree with the author, this book has put discussions of women in the workforce in the national spotlight. In conversations with other women about this book, reactions have been as varied as "this book changed my life" to "couldn't get past the lack of connection to most working women who don't have access to the support systems of the writer." Read this book and join in the debate; the needs of all working women is a discussion that should continue.
  • lifeworld1977 - SURPASSES EXPECTATIONSJust got it today, have played with it for a few hours. Bought it for the advertised reasons: My TV, a Vizio M470SL, produces great video quality but the sound is generally uneven, and specifically voices are muffled and tend to be drowned out by bass, so I had to constantly raise or lower the volume when switching between channels or inputs, or even during the same program, to find a balance between audible dialogue on the one hand and sound effects that would not shake the room on the other hand. Sometimes, it just wasn't possible to strike this balance, which meant that I'd have to choose between missing elements of dialogue or getting blown away by the rumble and fury. (Please note that this is typical of LED and Plasma TVs in general -- I do not mean to imply that Vizio's TVs are any worse in this respect than other brands, and if you like to watch TV at very high volumes anyway then it probably wouldn't be a problem for you.) The Solo solves this problem quite effectively. I have tested it on several cable channels and types of programming, a dvd player, a blu ray player, the Onlive gaming service I use through the Vizio Costar (which is a great addition for dedicated Androidiacs out there or for anyone who wants a functional browser -- i.e., Chrome -- on their TV), and played music through a few different apps -- the Solo sounds excellent with all of these. Of course, type of input should not make a difference in sound production or quality since the Solo connects to the TV with an optical cable (Bose includes one with the Solo, as well as some other type of cable, component I think, so you don't have to buy one).

    Also love that there are no visible wires strung about my living room as was the case with my previous 5.1 system, a respectable Sony that cost almost twice as much as the Solo, but to my ear the Solo outperforms it too without all the complex, fragile, and ugly-to-look-at wiring.

    As for the quality of the sound, I am actually stunned at how much of an improvement it provides over my TV speakers. Voices are not just clear but realistically resonant. John Goodman in Season 4 of Damages and Alan Rosenberg in The Guardian, two guys with lively and resonant voices, never sounded so good. Dolly Parton's numbers in Best Little Whorehouse were fantastic, although not even Bose can do much for Burt Reynolds.... It's not just voices, however. All sounds give the impression that you'd receive if you were actually present to the action on the screen. Watching Reds and Giants game right now, for example -- when a pitch hits the catcher's mit, you here that snap-on-leather sound just as you would experience it in the stands, rather than the lifeless thud sound that registers on the TV speakers. I watched Prometheus with my TV speakers about a week ago and thought the sound was really impressive until I watched again the first half hour of that movie with the Solo just a while ago and realized that I had missed out on a lot -- and a movie like that is a good test of the Solo's primary purpose, because somehow it allows you to fully experience the full range of audible material without drowning out the dialogue, so that not once did I feel the need to raise or lower the volume. My last comment on the sound quality is about the bass it produces, which is qualitatively different than the kind of base from my old speaker system. I am not sure how to describe it -- the Solo produces plenty of bass (I can feel it in my body) but it isn't harsh at all, rather somehow gentle and richer with a lot of depth.... It's tangible without shaking the room -- I guess that's the bottom line.

    Absolutely worth 400 bucks, which incidentally you can pay in easy installments if you buy it for the same price on the Bose site. The customer service is excellent too. Obviously old people who can't hear well and therefore have to crank the volume on their TVs to hear what Jessica Fletcher or the Golden Girls are saying would benefit greatly from this device. It's not just for the hearing-impaired, however. I am in my early 30s was motivated to try this out just because I was so tired of having to play the volume controls to find the right balance. Anyone who shares that frustration would really like the Solo, I think.