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  • Laurel-Rain Snow "Rain" "Rainy Days" - A STALKER, A HOT LOVE INTEREST, & GREAT CHARACTERSTwenty-five years ago, a mysterious "watcher" kills a man named Harry and disposes of his body.

    Now, in the present day and in the same township, a woman has returned to Pennsylvania to rebuild the family horse farm. With her own baggage, secrets, fears, and vulnerabilities, Rachel Parker is determined to start over and carve out a place for herself.

    But almost immediately, vandalism and graffiti and frightening messages threaten her world, while nearby, her sister Sarah's husband has turned abusive and she reaches out for Rachel's help.

    A Watcher keeps a close eye on Rachel even as his threats escalate.

    Police Chief Mike O'Connell is determined to protect Rachel, Sarah, and everyone else in the community, but he soon realizes that the intense connection that is developing between him and Rachel could risk his position and his own vulnerable heart.

    Who is so afraid of what Rachel might have seen twenty-five years before? What person close to her, who knows every one of her secret fears could be moving in for the kill? How will Mike protect her when a vicious town councilman does everything in his power to thwart him? What is the councilman hiding, and how far will he go to keep control?

    As She Can Tell picks up the pace, moving quickly toward its exciting conclusion, we become invested in the characters, rooting for the capture of the stalker, while savoring the moments between each of them. I enjoyed the dialogue, which had moments of humor while showing us the three-dimensional personalities of Rachel and Mike. They felt like people I wanted to know and believe in.

    I liked that I couldn't quite figure out which of the possible characters was The Watcher. While I had it narrowed down, I was still stunned at the reveal.

    Another five star read from the talented Melinda Leigh. Recommended for those who like romantic suspense and enjoy the in-depth characterizations that are her signature style. I can't wait for the next one!
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  • Soupstation - Outstanding messageSPOILER ALERT! This book will seriously challenge the way you look at America's version of Christianity.

    Dr. Platt uses basic Scriptural truths to effortlessly admonish readers to realize we've often mistaken our Godly purpose as Christians and to evaluate the way we practice our faith. There's no gimmick offered or "12 step program" suggested. Dr. Platt simply asks the readers to commit to a "Radical Experiment" to see what God is asking each one of his followers to be, know and do. Absolute must read!
  • Deborah H. Bryant "dhb" - Indispensable, 1000% ROI. Get it.An unbelievable value in terms of the hassle and frustration this little baby prevents. When my old one died, I lasted exactly 3 days before buying this replacement. Brother has this category locked. The thing always works, despite humidity, freezing temperatures, dust and dog hair, repeatedly being dropped, lack of electricity. (I took mine camping.) Labels are fantastic for phone chargers, power adapters that all look the same (but aren't), labeling all kinds of stuff in a multi-kid or multi-pet household, pithy instructions on rarely used equipment, distinguishing remote controls, organizing cords of all kinds and clarifying computer inputs, buttons and switches for elderly folks overwhelmed by too many options. Spare keys, frozen food, pill boxes, temporary dog tags when traveling, stuff being sent to your kids' camp....you will not believe how many uses you find for this labeler beyond the obvious manila folders and hanging files. (By the way, if you use hanging file folders, place the tape as it emerges, sticky part NOT exposed, directly into the plastic sleeve. No need to fuss with computer-printed labels or struggle to read your handwriting later.) LOVE IT. Note if you need long-term labels for stuff stored outdoors you should get a different Brother labeler that makes laminated labels.
  • Linda M. Smith - Job Hunter's BibleThis is THE book for Job Hunters. I buy it annually. New "Hard Times" edition for 2010. Richard N. Bolles really knows his stuff. He takes reader feedback every year (by a deadline) to input into future editions. READ THIS and follow all instructions if you are out of work or hate your job. READ THIS even if you are employed and/or wish to start your own business. Yes, Bolles addresses would-be Entrepreneurs/esses, too!