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  • R. Michael Green - smart design and ease of useI resisted this item for long time because of the price. When I used it at my daughter's house I was convinced. The main benefit to me is easy, quick vacuuming without dragging out the bulky old floor model. I live alone in a cabin with tile and wood floors. Like most guys I get behind in my vacuuming. With this Dyson DC44 I just grab it from its wall mounted hanger and hit the high traffic areas daily. The charge is listed to last twenty minutes and it meets or exceeds that on the regular setting. The boost setting which I have not needed cuts down run time significantly. When using the hand held configuration I can attack upholstery and stairs with ease. The easy dump trash bin works well. In fact, the whole thing impresses me with the design. All parts snap together with a solid click and come apart at the touch of a button. This thing is lightweight and versatile. I bought on sale at Amazon but it is still expensive.
  • Mary R. Gow "Redhead2229" - Finally, a shoe he can wear!My husband is a diabetic and even with the best medications he still had trouble wearing most shoes. I had gotten myself a pair of the women's GoWalk shoes and thought that he might be able to wear them if I could find them in men's shoes, so I ordered him a pair. This was one of the smartest things I've done! He said that they are more comfortable than slippers and has been able to wear them everyday. He likes them so much I ordered him another pair in another color. These shoes are wonderful in the men's or women's!
  • CHERYL - Excellent Customer ServiceI Purchased the leappad 2 for my son (who was 4 years old at the time) and he loved it!!!! So much so that he NEVER put it down. I had to buy rechargable batteries for it as he was going through a 4pk of batteries a day. Needless to say he used it so much that eventually he cracked the screen. under the warranty cracked screens are NOT covered and they can not repair it. I reached out to the customer service department and without hesitation they made an exception for me and replaced his leappad with a BRAND NEW ONE. He was so excited to have the leappad again that now he takes extra special care of it. At 5 years old now my son has learned alot with this leappad. I would recommend this and any leapfrog item to my friends and family!!!!
  • James M. Coffey - A must-read no matter what side of the political aisle!Ann Coulter presents a provocative and controversial look at the effect of race in politics in the last five decades - as usual she does not hold back, and all assertions are backed up by fact. Ann scrutinizes the pre-conceived, usually unquestioned notions of racism in the United States and how this false perception of a racist culture causes disastrous decisions on the behalf of American voters. In 2008, many (too many) voters based there decision solely or primarily on race. What has that led to? A president who has spent trillions of dollars for which we have reaped nothing and led an administration that is feckless, incompetent, and dishonest.

    Do not vote this November until you have read this book.
  • Dasher - Great consoleI have been gaming a long time and bought many consoles at launch over the years. I was excited going into this and I wasn't let down. I am super happy with this new console and the games I have available. Battlefield 4 was my main draw and it is beautiful on next gen. But I was also able to scratch my mmo itch with DC Universe Online. The new controller is fantastic and I haven't had any problems with the system.