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  • genie533 - broken after 2 monthsI purchased the Sodastream in early November - as of yesterday (12/20/11) it's not working. At first I thought the weak pump action and dying gas stream was caused by an empty gas container, so I purchased a new one... the problem persists. I've read the manual, I've emailed the company - no help. ...I'm even madder because I don't have the receipt! That's $100+ thrown away! I suspected this was too good to be true.

    UPDATE: (I'm repeating from a comment - sorry. never updated a review before) I need to find a way to update my eval - I'm SHOCKED! I just got off the phone with Soda Stream. The agent did some trouble shooting with me and decided the machine was faulty - they are replacing it at no charge even w/o a receipt! Awesome service!
  • jen - Work greatThese pills work great and they are no joke so be ready to go to the bathroom as soon as your done eating! Awesome
  • Pappadoc33 - This stuff is amazing!!!!!!!!!Most of my hair loss was at the front of my head and I know they don't advertise for growth in that spot. Like many of you, I had nothing to lose. As expected, I freaked out the first few weeks when I lost even more hair. This is normal though. After six weeks I and many others started noticing a difference. After 10 weeks....omg! I have people telling me all the time that I look 10 years younger. It keeps filling in and getting thicker all over. I love this stuff! Very easy to use. It actually helps style my hair. I also took before and after pics to make sure I wasn't crazy. My first can also lasted 8 weeks. I hope this works for other guys as it has for me. My confidence is back in a way.
  • previous palm pre owner - best phone I've ever owned so farNot going to be too wordy, but I do want to say that I am coming from owning a Palm 650 to 750 to pre+ to Pre 2.
    Though I am going to miss some things about the UI on Palm webOS I've now made the switch to the Nokia Lumia 920 and I am SO glad I did.
    This is a great Phone and I highly recommend it. Order the first day available, my wife got the yellow and I got the red.
    It's True- finally a phone for each of us.
    Make it personal, make it yours.