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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • H. D. Harvey - Very nice indeedI was really pleasantly surprised when I opened this book! I expected it to be her biography in full, but instead it's her diary entries laid out in a very nice, girlie way. Lots of pink and flowers and clippings. It really gives an insight to her life and what she thinks. I found it very interesting that on one of the pages she writes that she doesn't have any friends and that she feels like she don't even has any friends in her own band. She must feel so alienated. God what a life. In many ways I think that her life (after reading the CL book by Poppy Z Brite) looks very much like Nancy Spungen's. She included her own suicide note, but not Kurt's suicide note to her. I also find it very fascinating to look at the pictures, esp the page with all black and white photos of her and Kurt posing. He must have been one unhappy guy. His smile seemed forced in every shot. After reading one of the books about Kurt Cobain I realise that he was probably depressed most of his life. But going back to Courtney: it's a very nice book and you can look at it for ages. It seems like she loves her daughter very much, there are sweet little notes about Frances in there, probably what keeps her going. This is a great book.
  • C. Johnson "Avid Shopper" - Good For WomenThis good for all women, but especially older women when our PH balance is off. Keep in your medicine cabinet.