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  • Jon "Jon" - Great Book...nicely written..well worth itThis is a good book. I think a must read if you are having problems with women. What I do like about this book is that the author (Logan) stresses that the book is not a manual to mistreat women, but instead a manual to learn how women think, what they want and how to cater to these needs. It also provides insight onto how to keep yourself into top shape and grooming by taking care of yourself in the areas women want you too.
    It is very similar to "The Game" (Neil Strauss') book in terms of hooking a group, attracting and than connecting with the woman you intended too but ignored in the beginning to get her attention. A good read and a good book to have in handy to go back too for insight.
  • apples2apples - A good and necessary reference!After years and years without any outbreaks, last winter I found myself suffering from one of the worst outbreaks of my life. I had it bad over both lower legs, one knee, part of one arm, patches here and there on my body, and both elbows. I don't have any idea what precipitated it, and I was at a loss as to what to do outside the normal ointments, lotions, etc... I read the book Healing Psoriasis, and only implemented the use of witch hazel, After about 1 month of use, 1 month off, and some FL sunshine, I'm almost free of any indication of psoriasis - other than the redness which subsides after awhile. I'd also used an Rx before starting the witch hazel, but not once I started the witch hazel. I don't know if it was the witch hazel or shear dumb luck, but whatever it was, I'll take it!

    I think "Healing Psoriasis" is a good book, one well worth reading if you suffer from psoriasis. Before this, I found that the antidepressant, Cymbalta, worked really well at keeping my psoriasis at bay - even though it didn't do diddly for pain - which is what it was prescribed for. I had psoriasis so bad this time my doctor wanted me to go on a biological, even though there were good reasons why I shouldn't. I vehemently opposed, even though he was really pushing me, and it wasn't until the dermatologist agreed with me that he let up. Just goes to show there are alternatives, and dangerous medicine doesn't always need to be employeed. "Healing Psoriasis" offers good alternatives to those dangerous drugs which completely knock out the immune system.