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  • Ryan R. Bradley - Awesome workoutI've gone through this entire workout, and I've got to say I've gotten amazing results.

    It's an amazing full body workout, and if you have some home weights and a pull up bar then I highly recommend this. It's my favorite workout I've done so far, no complaints at all!

    What can I say? I'm in much better shape now, thanks P90x team! I plan on continuing with this workout program, I've already started on my second time through it!
  • serendipity - Life changing productBought this for my 82 year old dad from a local warehouse store after reading the helpful reviews on Amazon. He has suffered from a crazy combination of GI problems including constipation, diarrhea, gas, distended stomach, frequent bowel movements, stomach aches, dark stool, incomplete emptying and on and on.

    After 1 week of using Align, his bowel movements and general GI health have returned to a state last experienced 2 or 3 decades ago. I wouldn't believe it except it is happening to my dad. Now with his bowel movements healthy, he feels more invigorated and energetic. I hear him on the phone raving to relatives about how this pill has changed his life.

    My recommendation for anyone with GI problems is to give it a try. It may change your life, or it may not work at all - but then at least you can rule it out. It's worth the try because the upside is so great. Those many reviews on amazon of people whose lives were changed by this product is what got me running to the store and buying this product for him. I would start with a starter pack (14-days) which shouldn't cost you more than $10 - $14 bucks.

    At this point, I don't know if he can stop taking Align and still maintain his GI health, but seeing how much good it is doing for him, I am more than happy to purchase him this product for the rest of his life if need be.
  • Emory Daniels - 2013 Holiday Barbie a Must for CollectorsOne of the most-sought after Barbie Dolls for this year will be the Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday Doll which is absolutely stunning with its glitter silver gown with snowflake pattern mesh and beautifully brocade decorations. The silver not only adds a nice holiday color but also commemorates in style Barbie's 25th anniversary.

    A festive holiday look is created with beautiful silver earrings, fuchsia nails and fuchsia colored lips. There is good reason why collectors turn year after year to the Holiday Doll series and 2013 upholds that tradition with the 25th Anniversary doll.

    The 2013 Holiday Doll comes in an attractive red carton with white snowflakes and reindeer that is suitable to store and display the doll. The purchase also includes a stand if you wish to remove Barbie from her enclosure and show her off separately.

    Recommended for ages 12-14, this doll actually will be cherished and loved by any age. The 15.5 ounce doll is 11 x 3 x 13.5 inches. A wonderful gift but a must for collectors.