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  • Larry Boardman "31fordsedan" - Office for MacAfter being a Windows user for years, I switched to Mac 3 years ago. I keep one PC just for programs that only run on windows. I could put a Windows emulator on the Mac but as long as I have the PC. it makes no sense. Office is a little different on the MAC but very easy to learn. Highly recommend.
  • James F. Strasma "strasma" - The mobile link is a great additionI've used Quicken since 1984, typically upgrading every time I get a major new version of Microsoft Windows. This time, however, I upgraded from Quicken 2012 Premier to Quicken 2013 Deluxe, primarily to use the new Quicken iPhone app. (I settled for Deluxe rather than Premier because I haven't found myself needing the extra features of Premier.)

    Like last year, the upgrade and registration was easy and mostly automatic. It noticed and removed my previous version, and restored its data, saving a safety copy as it upgraded the data format for 2013. I also had no trouble setting up a new cloud account for use with the iPhone app. However, I did trigger an error message (org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException : An unexpected exception occurred.) when I asked to also have my budget synced to the cloud. So far as I can tell, the error was harmless, as I still see budget info on my iPhone 4 that matches what I see in the desktop app in Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit.)

    The mobile app shows the accounts I've chosen to sync with the cloud, some of which also automatically update themselves with the associated financial institution, and others of which are intentionally not set up to talk directly to their associated financial institution. (I particularly appreciate the latter group, as it's my impression that Quicken's Mint Web site only works with accounts that can be linked with the associated institution, and some of mine cannot be so linked.)

    The mobile app gives me a quick overview of my current situation, both overall and in relation to my budget (which it automatically updates as my spending changes.) It also shows me the alerts I've selected, such as when spending in a particular category exceeds its budget by a specified amount, or when I'm charged a bank fee of $1 or more. (I wish there were an option to show bank fees above a penny, as I try very hard never to incur such fees.)

    Overall, two hours into using the new version, I'm happy to have upgraded, and will update this later if I notice any thing else important about the new version. [Update: Still no further problems after another week of use. A Quicken survey this week asked me to check the accuracy of my Quicken Mobile data, and it even correctly caught that I'd incorrectly-entered the associated account of a recent check in my Windows version of Quicken. Be sure you are fully updated (to R6 at the moment), as that may be why my experience has been more successful than that of some earlier reviewers.]

    Recommended, especially for mobile smartphone and tablet users.

    Update: As of January 24, 2013, R10 is the latest update, and still working well for me.
  • Heidi J. Rittenhouse - There is a God, and he gave us YONANAS!!!I can't say enough good things about this product. You know how nothing is ever really "as seen on TV?" Well this one is a keeper!!! It is a *little* loud, and you do have to disassemble it to get all your frozen goodies to your bowl, but it's a snap to assemble and disassemble, really easy to clean, and just overall amazing!!! I love it love it love it!!!! I'm an ice cream addict, and this is as close to the real melt-in-your-mouth consistency of full-fat ice cream with a fraction of the calories and fat! Fits right into my Weight Watchers lifestyle!! Great product!
  • Wanda A. Cadogan - Impressive Product!!!I've been looking for a good cowash for some time now and stumbled upon this one. The ingredient list alone is impressive, but the real wow factor came in the use of the product. It has excellent slip and immediately I can feel the difference in my hair. I've been natural for almost 15yrs now and this is by far one of the best products that I have used.