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  • Sylviane Nuccio "Sylviane Nuccio" - As Good As They Say On TV!I have been using Proactiv for over 5 years now. Since the day I started it is the only skin care that I use.

    As I was seeing the commercials on TV I was very doubtful and didn't want to waste my money, and therefore, could never bring myself to try it. (I had been so disappointed before by everything else).

    One day I was having dinner at a friend's house and I had a couple of very embarrassing pimples as I basically always did. She took a look at me and said: "You have acne?". It was very embarrassing! Then she said, I have something you should try. She gave me the left over of a repairing cream bottle for me to try it. I asked, is this really working? and she said, yes, try it and you'll see what it does for you.

    So, I went home with that left over repairing cream of Proactiv and put it on the few pimples that I had. This is to say that I didn't even have the cleanser or the toner yet. And, yes, after a couple days I could see that my pimples were drying up and disappearing. This time I was sold, and I order Proactiv the following week.

    The first week I used it my skin became very dry and a bit weird, but I read that this was a normal reaction the first time, and that the skin would adjust over time. Soon enough it did and the pimple and other ugly spots of acne disappeared. I have never stopped using Proactiv since then. Nothing else works for me.
  • SilviaBC - I'm amazedI bought this product for my daughter who has tried every otc and prescription antiperspirant. When googling botox treatments and surgery, I came across sweat block and decided to order it. My daughter was skeptical but decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks she thought it might work (did not sound very encouraging) but a few weeks later asked if I could order more because it worked. What a relief!
  • Kamme - I think I've fallin in love with Janome!My Janome DC2011 just arrived today that i bought off of Amazon and I checked it out and so far I must say I am very pleased with it. It seems very sturdy and sews very well like one of the previous reviewers mentioned it sews a straight line with out you even having to touch the fabric. I'm new to sewing and this is my second machine my first machine was the Brother ES2000 it was nice and did me well as a beginner. But this Janome machine... I think I've fallin in love lol. I'll try and repost another review after i've done a few projects.