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  • R. Oliver "SunshineNole" - It's GreatI bought this after I purchased the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The Kindle is heavy (same as the regular iPad). This is perfect - I was afraid that it would be smaller than I wanted, but it isn't and I find that I use it more often than my kindle. I'm more familiar with the apps because I have an iPhone (didn't have to repurchase any, like with the Kindle). I would recommend this to anyone.
  • Alaskan Curmudgeon - This topic needs to be on everyone's radarRadley Balko has been writing on this subject for a long time. This is an excellent history of how we got to the point of SWAT teams serving minor drug warrants in the middle of the night, while murder suspects like Aaron Hernadnez are met by detectives in suits who knock politely with their weapons holstered.
  • Momma Dee - Worked For Me!I have been suffering from irregularity and pain since March and finally found relief with Phillips Colon Health within the first 24 hours of use. I purchased the 30 capsule bottle from WalMart, but the 90 capsule bottle from Amazon is a better value since I intend to use the product on a daily basis.
  • Kaushik Desarkar "Finance Lover" - A fantastic book sans the technicalitiesI have the 4th edition and it is a fantastic book especially when you are trying to get the grips on valuation, more so when you are not coming from a "pure" accounting background. Chapters 5 (6 in the new edition) onwards till 12 really take you step by step through the intricacies - a top-down approach. However, I will suggest Penman's Financial Statement Analysis & Security Valuation - Part 2 where the FSA detailed is really great - getting the FCF in 2 steps instead of the traditional 7+ steps, to be read in conjunction with this book. Rosenbaum's Investment Banking is good for developing the eye-catching spreadsheet models.
  • W. A. Britton "WillyD" - Pride and Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl ozIt is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz.

    However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighbourhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered the rightful property of some one or other of the Tuscan Whole Milk outlets.

    "My dear Mr. Bennet," said his lady to him one day, "have you heard that Netherfield Park is let at last?"

    Mr. Bennet replied that he had not.

    "But it is," returned she; "for Mrs. Long has just been here, and she told me all about it."

    Mr. Bennet made no answer but supped contentedly on his Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz.

    "Do you not want to know who has taken it?" cried his wife impatiently.

    "You want to tell me, and I have no objection to hearing it."

    This was invitation enough.

    "Why, my dear, you must know, Mrs. Long says that Netherfield is taken by a young man of large fortune and improved Vitamin D content, from the north of England; that he came down on Monday in a chaise and four to see the place, and was so much delighted with it, that he agreed with Mr. Morris immediately; that he is to take possession before Michaelmas, and some of his servants are to be in the house by the end of next week."

    "What is his name?"


    "Is he married, single or full fat?"

    "Oh! Single, my dear, to be sure! A single, Grade A man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls!"