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  • John J. Baeza - A must read!In his new book, Rise of the Warrior Cop, author Radley Balko provides a detailed history of our decline into a police state.

    He works his way through this history in a sound way describing police raid upon police raid gone terribly wrong, resulting in a useless loss of life. He discusses police agencies that serve populations of only 1,000 people but receive federal funding for military-type weapons and tank-style vehicles. We have also seen a total disregard for "The Castle Doctrine" which has been held dear by our citizens since the colonial days. The "Castle Doctrine" is the idea that a man's home is his castle and a warrant signed by a judge is necessary to enter and search the "castle." Balko cogently explains the reason for all of this: The war on drugs and the war on terror are really wars on our own people.

    A profession that I was once proud to serve in has become a militarized police state. Officers are quicker to draw their guns and use their tanks than to communicate with people to diffuse a situation. They love to use their toys and when they do, people die.

    The days of the peace officer are long gone, replaced by the militarized police warrior wearing uniforms making them indistinguishable from military personnel. Once something is defined as a "war" everyone becomes a "warrior." Balko offers solutions ranging from ending the war on drugs, to halting mission creep so agencies such as the Department of Education and the FDA don't have their own SWAT teams, to enacting transparency requirements so that all raids are reported and statistics kept, to community policing, and finally to one of the toughest solutions: changing police culture.

    Police culture has gone from knocking on someone's door to ask him to come to the station house, to knocking on a door to drag him to the station house, to a full SWAT raid on a home.

    Two quotes from the HBO television series "The Wire" apply quite appropriately to this situation:

    "This drug thing, this ain't police work. Soldiering and police, they ain't the same thing."

    "You call something a war and pretty soon everyone's gonna' be running around acting like warriors. They're gonna' be running around on a damn crusade, storming corners, slapping on cuffs and racking up body counts. And when you're at war you need an enemy. And pretty soon damn near everybody on every corner's your enemy. And soon the neighborhood you're supposed to be policing, that's just occupied territory."

    Detective John J. Baeza, NYPD (ret.)
    Manhattan Special Victims Squad
    Manhattan North Narcotics
    32nd Precinct, Harlem
  • Nancy C. Thornburg - I love the tabletBut I've had some interesting interactions with tech support. One told me I couldn't download the Kies program because I have a 64 bit computer. The next tech said I could, too, download it but why bother anyway? One tech gave me a very convoluted approach to transferring photos and music from my PC to the tablet which involved going out and buying a microchip and using it as the "go between". The next tech showed me how to "drag and drop" photos and music from the PC to the table. So clearly Samsung needs to improve its tech support training. But otherwise I love the tablet.
  • Mrs. Low - Ipad mini, great tool and fun to have!I have really liked the Ipad Mini. It is a great product and well worth the money. Some of the things I have really liked are: It has lock and unlock features; It is very user friendly; It's also small, and very portable. I really love how easy it is to use internet, and access my email, and how you can text on it. The camera takes fairly good quality pictures. They are not as good as an actual camera could take, but the pictures are not blurry or grainy. Something that has really come in handy is the notes app. It is really nice to be able to make lists on it, or write down reminders. It is sensitive to touch, and there is lots of storage space.The battery life is great, lasting up to 3 or more hours. Other things you might be interested in are,
    Thousands of free apps
    Has a simple set up
    Can search your apps
    I prefer the Ipad Mini to the Ipad, because the Ipad Mini is smaller and easier to use. The Ipad mini is black, with the apple sign on the back. The home screen either has your apps in rows or groups of apps. You get to choose your background.
    My only complaints about this product, are that the screen is easy to break; and that it takes a long time to charge. Because it takes so long to charge, I try not to use it as much.
    When i use my Ipad mini, is when I need to go somewhere and do some work on it, at home, or just to pass the time.
  • Thomas Serface - Great productI have digestive issues that have caused me to have A-fib a few times. Since I started using this product my lot has improved a bunch and I haven't had any A-fib issues. I'm not saying it's a cure A-fib product by any means and it may be a coincidence that it works for me, but it works for me. I tried a few other cheaper probiotics and they did nothing for me.

    It's kind of expensive so I signed up for the recurring delivery from Amazon. It get delivered every month and it's cheaper than buying it from Costco.
  • Jesus of Amazon "The lord your savior." - A shirt, and So Much More.The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee,
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