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  • Heidi H - Good Quality ProductThis is not a book review, but I would like to comment on the quality of the book that I received.
    I purchased "The Road" from, and the book was in excellent condition. It arrived on time, just what Amazon estimated, and it looked exactly as pictured. Even better, the back side of the book, above the bar-code, read "U.S. $15", so I had actually saved money :) I am happy that I chose to buy via Amazon, and would recommend this to other buyers.
  • M. S. - Great tablet for a great priceI bought two of these for my nephews. The tablets are durable, and can handle punishment from kids :). They are scratch resistant. I used it overseas. It is fast, has tons of nice education and fun games, and it is a kindle - so reading is natural on it. It shows videos very nicely (the resolution is great). The audio is clear and loud. Battery life is in the order of hours even with video games. It is easy to carry. All on all, I am very pleased with this product.
  • goltoof - Convenient and effective. Very satisfied.I'm not going to overwhelm you with a ton of contradictory info like a lot of these other reviews. I don't have a PHd in vacuum cleaners and won't pretend to.

    What I can tell you is that it's light, very powerful suction, comes with several attachments to reach all the tight corners, it's a breeze to take out and use and lasts long enough for me to give a good once over and vacuum up what I need to. I love the option to turn it into a handheld and it's so much better than lugging around a larger plug in vac. Great for the car and my (small) house, it picks up cat hair too even without putting it on "Max" setting. Worth it? For me, totally.

    As far as the less than awesome battery life, I plan on purchasing an additional battery to keep as backup in case I want to keep vacuuming after a using a full charge. I'm a sucker for portable battery powered things that you can slap a fresh battery into so this thing is a great fit for me.
  • C. Voisin - Wish I'd found this a long time agoAbreva works!!!!!!!! I used to get cold sores quite often, but since starting abreva, I haven't had one in an entire year. I kind of know what triggers them for me, so I try to anticipate the break out and begin applying the cream before hand. I dont wait for any tingly feelings to confirm that it is happening for sure, I just start abreva when a possible trigger happens. I probably use it sometimes when I dont need it, but I'd rather waste the medicine than have to deal with a break out. What triggers mine is when the first cold fronts come through and my lips get chapped, excessively stressful times, or when my lips get sun or wind burned. If any of those things happen, I'll apply the abreva 2 or 3 times a day for 2 days, and so far so good. Zero blisters since starting Abreva!!!! Anticipate your triggers and apply. That's the trick!!