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  • B. Junkin-Mills "brookemom" - Six Month Review - SO happy!!!OK, first, I am a freak about having smooth legs. I used to shave every day, including the days I gave birth. It's possible I was a bit compulsive about it. So I picked up the iLight home hair-removal system with high hopes for kicking the shaving habit. Six months after first use, my legs are hairless and have been for more than a month. Hurray!

    USE: In short, you shave your legs and then dry them. Right after shaving, you hold the hand-held zapper against your leg, a chime sounds if you have good contact, you push a button, and a light flashes. Repeat everywhere you want to remove hair. It takes longer than shaving, but it's not bad (maybe 20 minutes for both legs), and you can do it on the couch, in bed, wherever. It does not hurt, at all, but it does feel warm where the contacts touch your skin.

    MY EXPERIENCE: I did my right leg first, so as to compare. Following the directions, I did treatment one, then treatment two 2 weeks later, and treatment three 2 weeks after that (completing 3 treatments in a month). After that first month I noticed a lot less regrowth, and started the cycle on my left leg. After the first 3 treatments on each leg I started using it on an as-needed basis, which I needed with decreasing frequency. And now, I haven't shaved or used the iLight for about a month. Hurray!

    BOTTOM LINE: Follow the directions, have patience, and you will soon be tossing your razors. (NOTE: Suitable only for light to medium skin tones.)
  • Angela - I love my Kindle!I have had my Kindle for over a month now, so I think I have enough experience with it to give a pretty fair review. First of all, I was so excited to see how small and light it was! I read the dimensions, but for some reason thought it would be bigger. I really like the seperate switches for the power and the wireless. It's nice to turn off the wireless when you don't need it (really saves the battery power). The battery seems to have a really long life to it. I've made it through whole books without recharging (if the wireless is off).

    I think I am going to upgrade the cover though. I haven't had any serious problems with the cover it came with, but I'm uncomfortable having such an expensive item held in by only two corners (all on the left side). My FIL has a cover that holds in all four and I think I'd like that better. There is no backlight and that's just fine by me. I got the Mighty Bright LED light and it works great.

    The buttons. It took a bit of getting used to, but I've gotten very good at not pushing the buttons and losing my place. I do read with the cover so I just hold on to the bit of cover that sticks on on the left hand side. I have a hard time reading without the cover because I end up pushing all the buttons and it gets frustrating. I do like how it saves your place in each book or magazine.

    I read mainly novels, so I don't have the problems that others have had with the magazines (graphs and pics being done poorly). I haven't had any problems with the wireless either. I live in Northern Utah and get at least three bars (sometimes only two in my bedroom).

    Overall, I've really enjoyed the Kindle. It fits in my purse (I put it in a gallon zip bag because it's currently snowy here) and take it everywhere. I have some children's books on it and has been great at the doctors office to read to the kids. I do wish there was a folder system to sort books though. Would be nice but it's easy enough to work around. I just use the show and sort feature to find what I'm looking for.
  • David A. Hernandez "David" - What's to Complain About for 83 Cents a Month?I am not sure why there are so many complaints about this product. I wasn't quite sure about it but I figured it was only 10.00 so why not try. I did have the understanding it was an aggregator and it says right in the Rabbit TV ad that it "links" you to over "xxxx" sites and catalogs all the online viewing sites in to one source. The install was quick and easy. I have noticed no computer problems or pop up ads or any unauthorized credit card charges as others have stated. Since I moved to my own apartment the cost of even basic TV service was not in my budget so I have been using Rabbit TV (along with my Roku) much more and it works fine. I think I did come across a broken link or two but that's been the exception. I check out the "Live TV" section every day to see what I can watch live. I feel it delivers what it says it will. Yes, it is absolutely true that one can find all of these sites doing an internet search. But for me, the nominal cost of this is worth it to have it all in one convenient site. I'm looking forward to the upgrades that I've read are coming out for this product.
  • Sam Lee - Awesome!!!This is the best guide I have ever purchased! It's actually fun to read rather than the typical factual, dry, boring type you would expect. It tells you a bit about the contributors which makes it just that much better. The book is actually somewhat funny and definitely witty and the young ages of those contributors is reflected well in that!! And of course it is VERY informative as these hostels, restaraunts, etc have actually been experienced by the writers!! I love it!!